042 Work

Entry 476

Been working as an intern for the past month since 1 dec ..
now i somewhat understand a lil of working life in malayisa

041 Pasar Malam

Entry 475

The place you get street food which are good ... nom nom ...

040 Family

Entry 474

Love them to the bits !!
Its good to be home ...

039 Mamak

Entry 473

Things you gotta love about KL .. the Mamak session !!

Cheap food !
Nice food
Good hangout place
Gotta love being home aye ...

038 Bballer

Entry 472

I love sports with a passion and i pledge that i will never stop playing it as long as i still can move as i experienced losing it before and i thank God that i am still able to be up and running playing sports tho i have experience some nasty injury and life changing illnesses ... but its all good .. i live one life and i will life it to the fullest. There is only one shot in life and i will life it an awesome one ...

Like bball, there aint many gals out there who bball and at most pick up games i play at the park / street bball are with dudes but with my uber 'Thick face' i am able to play a good game and make good friends with the bballers ...

I believe as long as i keep my game well i am able to play anywhere and it has been like that .. love bball, the speed, the shots and the passion always ...