hey folks....

I just had to make this post.
Yeah coz God is really real

some of you may have heard
about a friend of mind who
was badly injured due to a
fall during basketball .
yeah then through his recovery
he battled against many
other illness like pneumonia&eyes infection

But today...
I am being amazed by God again
eventhough doctors kept saying
it wasn't possible and this n that ..
but it is great to see MR PAUL TAN
back in YC today after so long.
he is breathing on his own
able to remember things
able to see &etc...
God is really real & great.

This is not the 1st miracle i have seen
Miracles has also taken place in within me
yeah all these year I have never been
the Strong&Healthy baby..
i was due a month earlier than expected
(eventhough most ppl thing i am very
strong and yada yada....)
i been through sickness over sickness too
the :

1st was ASHMA

yeah that was when i was in my childhood years
still remember has to do that 'puff' thingy
haha.. that time i found that thing very interesting.
yeah ..
i think i was hooked on to Ashma for a couple of years
and trust me those years weren't good
couldn't eat this and that
haihz.. as kids at that time..
i was tempted to try everything hahaha
but then i grew out of the Ashma
and that was like great!
couldn't really remember when but i
think it was during my early primary dayz..
so then everything went well
but not untill i was diagnose
with :

i can say it was an experience to remember for life
well back then i was in form2
was a hyper active person
was into sports and etc..
but everything sort of crash when i went for a
check up with a bone specialist..
to be specific.. he was a great spinal doc'
yeah coz the first few things he said was

'she have to undergo an operation and she
have to find other things to do other than

and at that moment everything within me
scattered into pieces.. seriously
i was like what??
from a hyper active person now i
have to be like vegetable !!
honestly i have to say i was i wasn't ready
at all for it ..
but well i manage through somehow
and it was by God's grace !
after the operation i spend alot of time
on drawing
i guess that sums up why i love drawing
alot too...
that is why i make effort to draw cards
not buy them hahaha ..

yeah so i was kinda band from sports..
and it was a though time dealing with it
coz everyone around told me it was
not possible if u play sports again
and thank God i didn't give up on it
eventhough i could play any sports
i still went for walks every evening
thanks to my faithful companion
who are my lil sis & priya and others..
yeah then after my PMR i was back up
gradually back to sports..
and it was a big YAhOO...

it sums up that i am back in sports
again .. i am really thankful for that

yeah and thanks again to everybody
who never failed to gimme the ever
most encouragement i needed
so then i thought ok i will never go back
to the hospital ..
but the the following year after my operation
i was down with
3rd- Pneumonia..

yeah i was haven the most terrible cough in my
entire life and at that moment i thought i was
going to be gone ok !! seriously..
I remebered i was down with this bad bad cough
and went to a GP who gave me bottles of
bottle after bottle went down me but nothing
seems to be working out...
my cough turned out to be worst ...
at that time i was back to sport already
so then at that time my cough was terrible
and all the energy in my body was used
to cough ok ! No joke

>>just imagine this
you are terribly sick
down with a sickness
which you are unaware of
and gobbling down medicine
which don't seems to help
and 3 months down the road
you have to sit for the
Goverment's major exam<<

i was in that stage yeah at that time
it was PMR that i had to sit and i think
i didn't sit for the trial exams or some exam!
was so called
"enjoying myself in the hospital"(beat it man)

so finally thanks to my aunty who used to
work in GH . she took me together with my
mum to GH for an X-ray and it showed i had
at that time i wasn't sure what was it
and was too sick find out
coz i was having difficulties in breathing too..
haihz.. yeah ..
yeah so finally
one of the physiotherapist came
and helped me out ..
she was like

'gal u are preety young to have Pneumonia...
i hope i don't see u in here coz of this sickness'

Pneumonia was considered an old man sickness
hahaha ... yeah call me old la now..

yeah all i can sum up here is
really thank God for all the healing
though at some point of time it did
make me ponder a while why me?
haha it remais a mystery to me
and i am finding out about it yeah !
as for now..

take care n God bless
ya' all



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