BiG ThAnK YoU !! (",)

yeah my holidays is coming to an end
sadly sob..sob..
but before it ends
i gotta say this
it was one holiday to remember
and that is because of these people below
hahaha ..

ok so actually this post is


Ms Magdelene Lee
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haha this Big Lady haihz ..
is like my alarm clock
been like miss calling me in the early morning
haihz ..
hahaha .. me doing the other way =P
knowing me who sleeps
very early in the morning (hahaha bout 3-4am)
neway just wanna say thanks you so much
for keeping me company
on those slow moving days hahaha ..
and yeah it is real fun messaging you ..

Ms Chew Mei Yee
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this gal been my company for the holidays ..
she has been calling me for bball & movie
gal it has been a great spending time with u ('',)
just dunno what else to say
thanks for being a great friend 2 me yeah !!
looking forward in spending more time with u
before u leave wei!!

Mr Tan Jia Hai
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this dude ..
haha been there keeping me company
by messaging me crazy sms
haha.. u ah
well nice knowing u
haha will belanja u in college k !!
haha .. haihz ..

Mr Jeremy Tan
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this one leh..
yeah my badminton kaki ..
nice playing badminton with u duh!!
hope to play more with u ..

Mr Hon Chien
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another badminton kaki ...
nice playin with u, jeremy & lukas..
and fun chattin with u
coz u like to ask WHY this and that
hahaha ..
well thanks neway for askin me
to join you people play badminton yeah !!

Mr Charles Chan aka IceBlendedSkyJuice
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hahaha i got ur pic finally but then
i guess it is ur pic when u were younger rite
please la go take ur pic
or i take for u !!
hahahaha ...
this guy
very funny hahaha
thanks for making my holidays
a great time yeah !!

Mr Ryoji aka Michi
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hey nice meeting you finally ..
yeah .. hope u will be doin great
in no matter where u will study yeah !!

thanks u so much you guys ..
looks like college is drawing near again!!
well hope i will be fine =P
take care ya all



Magdalene Lee said...

This IS a complete surprise, Li'l Missy! Was I truly a component in making your holiday more memorable? Hmmm ... It's been a pleasure having your company at all sorts of hours, especially the ungodly ones!! *lol* And yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed "disturbing" you in the early morn!! Awww, going back to college so soon? Well, Li'l Missy, continue to flash that smile, and shine for HIM alone! You've been great - Thanks for bothering to bother me, and the mateship!

- Cheers and love -

ruthz said...

Big lady
i got no comments haha ..
no prob .. anytime u want me to disturb i will be there haha
thanks big sis..