Sleep..Zzzzzz......& footie


I'm feeling so tired today ........
hahaha coz slept for only an hour or more
and then off to college....
but in college i didn't feel sleepy la ..
just my body that felt tired haha ..

sound crazy right!!
yeah for the 1st time in history

i stayed up
just to watch WORLD CUP !!
eventhough footie isn't my type of game
i manage to sit through 3 full matches
and watch them !!!!
what is wrong with me

hahaha nothing....
it is just that
JAPAN was plaing against Brazil
at the wee hours in the morning
yeah at 3am !!!!!!(M'sia time)

eventhough i knew how the end score would be
yeah obviously BRAZIL WILL WIN
haha but then haha ...
just stayed up by convincing myself
with some crazy reasons
neway thanks alot for those for gave me
the wake up call yeah !!

KAWAGUCHI Yoshikatsu (JPN)

the man of the games didn't make
a big debut here in this match
i guess he made mistakes here n there
but i still salute him....
for an asian he is considered
a good goalie ....
you gotta watch Japan's other 2 match
to understand..what i am crappin
haha ...

neway i am kinda sad ..
coz i thought Japan would have done better
but it didn't turn out to be so..
so i guess gotta wait for another 4 years..
for the next FIFA WORLD CUP !!
bout my week.....

well had ESL(english) presentation on Wednesday
the best part was this
i thought i was not goin to do my presentationon that day
coz like the lecturer budgeted that bout 4 people a day
and i was number 5...
so i didn't prepare much..
haha as always...
most of the time for my presentation
i just prepare the main point !!
so happen i was using
POWER POINT!!(high tech konon haha..)
and i had to go 3rd...
i was like what!!
haha ..
so unprepared...
just went and TEMBAK LA!!!!
but overall i was kinda happy with
my unprepared presentation
it was kinda ok for me
and guess what i did fine (",)
Thank you God so much !!

yeah pass up PHYSICS project today ...
another workload gone yeahoo..
now got ESL sketch haaha...
this is going to be fun duh!!

yeah ...
i guess this is bout it..
take care n God bless ya all
have a great weekend
can't wait for YC !!

cheers ruthz