yeah life for me has been a long journey..
i am running this life..
hoping to achieve something at the finish line..
is as if i'm on this race and the finish line is way far behind

neway coming back to CHOICES :
there are many choices in life that i had,have and will be making in the future
but i hope all my choices will be good!

well choices are wide in range..
like :-
1. Should i be moody or emo today hahah..
2.Should i pick on my friend
3.Be a nice person or a crazy one
4.Should i wear this or that
5.Should i talk a lil or alot
6.Don't study and lepak
7.Do some drawing
8.Should i eat this or that..
9.What course i wanna do?
10.Should i sleep or watch WORLD CUP??

haha there are way more choices that what i have state above
but bottom line is this..
what is ur priority
yeah ...
for example
you are in a worst mood of the year..
but it is your choice to stay moody or
be cheerful...

yeah ..
so make ur choice..
make it the best in order you achieve the best yeah !!

take care n God bless
have a great day !!