It has been like 49 years
since our country got it's independence.
But how much does the independence weigh to us?

Well for me..
i guess as each year pass by
this fire of independence (regarding2independence day)
within me is starting to die off.
Practically it is just another public holiday and etc..

The other day at the gym,
there was this advertisment on Merdeka over the radio
it did ring a bell somehow..
Well this old malay lady was stating how hard life was
before independence and during the Japanese Occupation
and etc..
Then it did hit me somehow..
as in not the sad voice of the malay lady
but bout the how hard life was before independence.
Which taught me something
that is..
Not to take Independence to lightly.
I guess if our country didn't get the independence.
Probably we'll be still staying in some kampung
or fearing how life would be everyday..
coz the communize or the japanese soldiers or etc
will be hunting us down .
Having underground Churches and Christian meeting
coz being unable to have the Freedom to choose a religion
like over in the middle east.
It's though!!

So bottom line..
I've hearnt to appreciate the independence
Malaysia has gotten all these 49 years.
Thank you God for the independence!
and i am able to Praise you openly.