Been blogging the last few days!!haiyo..
and tons of pics...
hope my bloggie isn't lagging and hope u did have fun viewing all those pics!!
It has been a short hectic week..
during exam week .. time always flies...
so to destress got stress la?
yeah stress coz didn't study enough..
and not enough sleep duh!!
today...decided to stay home...
and get some drawing done..
haven been sometime since i have drawn any...
and the b'thday prezzie list has been increasing
coz been busy and didn't manage to find time getting them anything!!
I am lousy at getting people presents
so i made them lil cards..hopeing they will like my rusty drawing skills haha...
Just came back from gym and badminton ..
feeling so filled...
and happy too..
so here is a lil tip to destress urself
SPORTS & Drawing..(that's if u like drawing!!)

this is one artwork/drawing of mine which i like alot!!
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take care n God bless
have a great week ahead

cheers ruthz


lynne~~ said...

hey babe!!!!
ur drawing looks good..!!
eyh...!! have u ever tot of taking graphic design r..? well u got the talent for it..!! think about it..!!! hehee.... u dunno wat to major in rite...? so theres an idea!! :)

ruthz said...

hey lynne..
thanks for dropping by&commenting on my drawing..
well haha graphic design..will think ok that..
but well my drawings are just for fun basically haha..