Filled ... Motivated .. Sastified !!

It been a great day today. Slept only for one and a half hours.
Then headed for Church.
My body clock has been a lil haywire since my holidays.
On some days i couldn't even sleep till it was 7am..haha..
yeah coz take long hours of naps !lolx..
Neway i was on my way to Church in the state
where my eye could even barely open.
It was so heavy and i tired to close my eyes
a while to get a lil nap before reaching church.
But that didn't happen!
Well reached church
had the usual prayer meeting session before service.
In that room, i told myself I will not give in to my tiredness.
Even though i feel like falling asleep anytime
but i made a stand to NOT GIVE IN TO MY TIREDNESS!
So after the prayer meeting, had couple of announcement and guess what?!
All Form5&Form 3 asst leaders you have to stay back in the
Thinking Skills which is like a motivation talk with your cell members.
So miss service in the 1st service and come back for the 2nd!I

was like WHAT?? lolx..
having all the enthusiasm and fired up for the service
though I was in the state of falling asleep…It all crushed down the drain.
Without any choice and being submissive I went for the motivational talk.
Honestly my heart wasn’t there with me.
After the motivational talk,
I realized that I was somehow somewhere suppose to be there.
There was something God wanted to tell me or wake me up so to speak!
Neway, I gain something out of it.

Then had Bible lesson..
YC been doing great
with the IGNITE BIBLE study thing and it working out quite find!
Had leaders meeting
and I made up my mind to stay a lil while for 2nd service
which I don’t usually do it due to transportation problem
(like what Kim Jr said”Miracle”)
In the 2nd service amazingly I wasn’t tired at all…
I had the most energy and was ready for the Praise & Worship.
And guess what I did have an awesome time !!
After that I really felt relived , filled and sastified!!.
Just imagine if I didn’t stay back..
I guess I will not be filled as much as I did and I will be filled with regrets..
Thanks God I made the right choice.

neway yeah college starting again tmr..

5 Chekcpoint of each day :-

1. Have I spent time with God?
2. Have I achieved whatever I have planned?
3. Have I impacted someone’s life today by blessing or encouraging them?
4. Have I done my part today and spend my time wisely?
5. What have I missed out today?

yeah leave you with that
take care n God bless