Finally it is done...

It was a month ago on the same day
which is
18th August 2006 , Friday

Rushed back from college
and skipped Bio and ESL classes,
I walked into Prince Hotel
having butterflies in my tummy
but i had no choice coz i was there
and the exams fee were paid too...
so i had to wait for an hour before
it was my turn for the Piano exam!!
yeah i was seriously not confident
but kept praying and etc...
trying to calm myself and all..
so then it came my turn
i brought the book below in..

and during the entire test
i did badly for one 6th-apart scale
which is the C sharp minor.
i just couldn't play it n was jammed there
but thanks God
i did just ok
for my pieces as in
i didn't stop or anything
and for sight reading&aural
hahaha..i dunno la..i think ok kua..
so then today is exactly a month since the exam
when i was in college today
suddenly i was thinking bout it..
and counting the days since the day of my exam!
then i tried so hard not to think of it hahaha
so after college thanks to Kian Chee
for sending me to the KTM
and Ann for "temaning"
took KTM then change train line at KL Central
took LRT to KLCC
and manage to get a bball anime for 3 bucks only
mind u it is an old issue..
then balik...

Back to story i went for bball
then when i came back it
my mum was standing at the front door..
and i was like die die die......
coz it was raining and i went bballing..
she gave la some small scolding
but then not much ..
the main thing was
she said this

and i was like wow?really ah?
hahaha i couldn't believe it man
so i called my teacher up
and hahaha i did really pass
which means i finish my grade 8
for practical only..
i still got grade8 thoery to finish..lolx
hopefully i get over n done with it =P

yeah now gtg back to my books
trials up next week
man...i have to GAMBATE !!!

upcoming dates :

22/9 - Physics trials at 7 am
25/9 - ESL trials at 11.30am
26/9 - Bio Trials at 7 am
27/9 - Chem trials at 11.30
28/9 - Maths trials at 7am

ciauz..imagine i gotta wake up like 5am
to get college for an exam at 7am

take care n God bless


Anonymous said...

hey ruth tan!!!! suejan here la. congrats on passing ur grade 8. makes me think twice about resitting my grade 8. i failed the last time. haih... lazy larrr... =)

ruthz said...

hey jan..
yeah tat was in form 4 rite?
well u can la..
if i can pass u surely can !!
so go for it..
if u still have the heart to !