From Down Under

Greetings from Down under

i arrived safetly in Melbourne on Friday night..
the temperature in the afternoon is bout 28 degrees
and at night it is bout 14 degrees..
yeah the architecture exercise i went for today was pretty ok
haha..dunno what else to say bout it..
thanks to those who kept me in their prayers
well i
m off to NGV tmr
NGV stands for National Galery of victoria
they are having Tesuka Production on ASTRO BOY!!
yeah can't wait to tmr..
neway i am using the net from the place i am currently staying
i am staying at victoria hall...near Swanston Street, Melbourne..
Pretty cool place..

yeah gtg is pass midnight..
got a long day ahead..
so till then
take care n GOD BLESS



Henry said...

Glad u hav a safe trip to Australia... Anyway,good luck in your future undertakings and hope everything goes smoothly...Come back soon!!!!