hi all.....

I wanna a BIG


to all who made my big day such a great day ...
well i am still in aussie..
currently babysitting my youngest cousin..haha
he is really active..
neway ..
thanks to those who sms me and called
but sorry i can't reply or answer ur call
coz it will cost me alot to answer a call and sms you back
a sms back to malaysia will cost me 2 bucks..
and a call alot..
the other day i took a phone call
which was only 2 mins and 24 sec it cost me bout 10 ringgit..
haihz..i am kinda broke credit sense haha..

but neway thanks again all
for making my birthday such a great day
i wanna say thank you to all but the list is too long hahaha..

take care n God bless