What I WANNABE ? how bout U ?

Entry 108

Have you ever thought what you wanna be?


As you grow older each year..
there is a point in life which you have to decide.
and you never know whether that decision
you made
was right or wrong..

i mean that decision made was to make you
prosper or to make you fall ..

neway let me share with you some things
that is if i have a chance in this life of mine..
well as a kid i wanted to be everything..
in simple words..
as is i am able to do anything..

so here you go the list..
warning this post might be abit longer than my other
usual post..

about medic ?
- hmm.. i want to be one . but the study period is extremely
long.seriously..if you do in:-
a) russia = 6/7years(studying the course)
1 year of housemen
3 years (serving in m'sian goverment)
+ 3-5/less (for specialising)
bout 10-15 or more years..

b) india = the study course is 4 1/2 or 5years..
the rest are the same..
so probably bout 10 years or more..

c) m'sia + UK = bout 10 years or more..

yeah so that is the brief idea of the course length

Why i wanna be one?
-hmm..guess it is because i have interest in biology
besides most of my cousin are doctors..
so it is like a family tradition haihz..

do i intend to take it?

2. Engineer
coz my dad's one of many civil engineers in the world
and i find it fun seeing my dad make a empty land
into a land which have buildings..
i don't know bout you but
i found that cool..
and starting the whole project with pilling n etc..
it seems interesting for me..
basically being outdoors was cool
than stayin in some office for hours..

so will i pursue it?
-maybe someday..become a developer
or somebody dealing with these kind of things..

3. Architect
This one came out to me recently ..
last year acctually..
coz i was on the phone with one of my mates
which is currently studying it..
and why i intended to do it was because...
i love drawing..
yeah and i found it interesting..i still do..
as in you are the person who has the power
to design how a
building will look like..

Pursuing the course? Maybe i still will

4. Artist
well i started drawing at a young age ..
coz i attended art classes
probably when i was 5/younger..
some people don't get it why do i waste my time drawing.
and not selling it anyway..
hmm..coz probably money can't buy it..
not to say it is worthless
but normally i draw people birthday cards
than getting it from outside.
i feel maybe rusty drawing could bless people in a way..
everytime i draw..
it makes me feel good..
i can even sit for hours just to get a piece of artwork done..

for a career? don't think so


it is interesting to fight for cases..
yeah if you watch the practice n etc..
but it is surely harder when it comes to real life
i find it challenging..
and mind stimulating
BUT one thing is there is got alot
of memorizing to do during the study period!!

Wanna Pursue it?


well i watched some drama series about flying the plane
and i found it really interesting..
as in pushing couple of buttons..
and etc...

will i choose it as a career?
hmm..maybe as my part time job!

7.sports person
yupz play loads of sports..
well it is like in my blood already
just don't feel good if i don't play any

so for a career?
hmm mayb when i retire and become a coach? haha....


as said in one of mine previous post i love photography

FOr a career?
hmm..maybe NOT but i don't mind if it is a part time one..

9.film maker

from a young age ..
i always admire people who can make a movie so real..
though the backdrop might be like normal
yeah talk bout technology..
but yeah if can i wanna learn how to be a film maker/director too..

For Career?
hmm..maybe part time

10.something to do with pc

i find computer a very interesting device
yeah it sound n seems fun to setup your own pc
and own programmes..

For Career ?
hmm..not sure..maybe as interest


so bottom line there is too many to pick from
to major in as a career...
got any advice?opinion?
feel free to voice it out here..
till then..
take care n God bless



Aneesah said...

Hi Ruuuthhh! :D That's a lotta jobs you wanna do. =o But that's a good thing, I think. It shows your varied interests and the many things you want to be able to do. Even if you don't get to study some of them, it's not impossible to learn on your own; through sites and books, etc. Like film making, photography, computers... They're really useful hobbies to have.

I'd think you'd make a great ... anything, muahahaha. You just have what it takes. :)

Neway, you're going to Australia, really? ^^ So soon! What will you be studying there, then? I wish you all the best, Ruth Tan Zhao Yen! ;)