Which RUTH ??

Entry 200

WOW i have reached entry 200 ..


yeah to those who have been faithfully check this blog ..
thanks for coming by ..
i'm closing this blog ..
opps not hahaha..

oh well since you have been faithfully been reading this blog of mine..

do you really know me ??

from this test.. which was like super easy
lolx.. if u don't get 100 means
like u seriously dunno some basic stuff about me ! haha ..
Create your own Friend Test here


1. Is it the tall and fair one?
- i'm not that tall ... seriously !! hmm fair .. i do play in the sun alright .
but then again i try to avoid it .. why do i wanna get skin cancer for ?
haha.. should sound familiar to some people who knows me ..
as in coming late for bball =P
haha i just don't get the point of burning my skin under the blazing sun

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
you call this fair ?? hmm..maybe the art of flash + naturalness hahaha..

2. The one which sometimes you wonder whether is she mixed
- yeah i .. maybe
jap+korean+chinese+u name it ..
haha i'm so not mixed ..
even i wish i was mixed haha..
but it's alright being who i am now (",)
oh well i think i mention this before ..
neway this time last year i went for hospital attachment
then this people in the hospital there, didn't dare to talk to me
coz they thought i was a international student..
yea some said i was like from korea or something ... lol
seriously ..
it was hilarious
3. Is it the one who people always mistaken her age ?
-do i look that young / old ? haha ...
people always think i'm in my early 20-ies..
yea since high skewl days man..
well course i mixed with my seniors too
oh well it's an advantage sometimes too being mistaken older..
yeah secret behind stayin young ?
SMILE & being around people younger than you
i have like 3 other siblings younger than me
haha .. it just makes you feel young when u mingle with them
4. Is it the one who smiles too much?
- still remember when i was in my 1st year of high skewl
there was this teacher who got angry with me
coz i smile too much
haha.. super funny .. haihz.. then u expect me to frown ?
don't you know smiling takes less muscles than frowning ..
or are you trying to play some reverse phycology ?
keep it for urself
just SMILE

5. Is it the prefect one?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
-if you know me from school ..
which explains WHY is
Bcoz i was a prefect ..
nothing more and nothing less
but from what i know .. from people is this
"she is so fierce"
or aka
garang ...
looking back .. from my 5 good solid years of being a prefect
maybe the first 3 years of my resposibility title i was strict
but then came form 4 with crappy people and management ..
i think i just couldn't care less anymore at the end of form 4!
being a prefect has taught me heaps of stuff
and meeting heaps of random people too..
seriously .. man .. one day at high skewl ..
some random student just say hi to you
and i was like sorry but do i know u ? (didn't tell la)
but oh well i just said hi and smiled .. (norm gesture of mine =))
but i'k glad i got to meet so many different people
yup but it seriously has taught me stuff and
experience stuff that normal students don't !!
it was a great one

6.Is it the one who bothers to keep in touch with you though you try so hard to delete her from your life ?
-haha .. yea i do try to keep in touch with people i have met before in my life
yea.. so if you know me somehow ? do let me know ?
i might not remember your name
i remember how you look ..
yea ..

7.Is it the one which people used to call her by nicknames
i can't believe i'm posting this ..
man life might be worst in teasing sense after this post..
but heck it ..
i only live once ..
so yea .. hahaha .. have fun to the max !!

rotan – in primary & high skewl
hutan – in primary & high skewl
utan – in primary & high skewl
orang utan - in primary & high skewl
rambutan - in primary & high skewl
ah tan – by ee von

[practically anything that ends with -tan]
terminator / T3 - by uncle kevin n other high skewl mates..(wat the heck)
polar bear – college friends
zhao zhao - college friends
yen yen - college friends
zhao yen - college friends
ruthie - college friends & high skewl friend
ruff ruff - it has been there .. i duno ever since when
roose - matty chang
ruthanial - by one of my primary skewl teacher (apparently ruthanial is some singer)

what else ? if u remeber .. do tell me hahaha
so i can add on my nickname list

8. Is it the sporty one
yea hahaa .. oh well i started playin table tennis when i was 4 i think
on a coffee table with daddy =)
yea .. and then it went on to
shot put
...erm what else ?? ? walking ? hahaha
yeah i'm very passionate bout' sports..
as said it's part of my life..
i had the experience of loosing it .. and never again i want to lose it
and being not able to play sports for a year
was a experience i will never wanna experience again
so my theory is this
oh well i grow up with it .. which i guess explains why

9. Is it the one who loves God ?
- i'm passionate about God
yea i'm one of the many YC-ians who actually get up early
to attend youth service at like 7.30am ..
yea on Sunday mornings..
i'm not joking ..
those who are attending the 7.30am service, way to go man !!
you are doing an awesome job
i may sound all religious and all
but yea this is my personal decision & encounter
on why i take my stand and stand proudly saying i'm a Christian.
wanna know more just shot me with question on msn or anywhere u know i'm available

10. Is it the Tom Boy one?
- no comments on that ..
prolly of my over exposure with boys since young
and sports ..

11. Is it the one who loves to take photographs
- yupz i love photography..
it is one of my many interest
currently still using

µ [mju:] 300

though it is old ..
but this humble camera ..
really take good pics..
from the lense of 3.2 megapixel.
it serves me well
see what it can do ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
[took this the other day on day trip to wollongong ]

12. Is it the one who can draw ?
-yup i can.. but it's not like perfectly good
it's alright .. kinda rusty now..
but will work on that in my winter hols..

13. [ チャオ ] aka -zhao-

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
[ チャオ ]


in japanese
well if you are still wondering what is zhao ..
it's part of my name ..
yeah if you know me . my name is

Ruth Tan Zhao Yen


14. Is it the one who give you her drawing as a birthday card ?
by the way.. does チャオ look familiar ?
it will if u get a card from me
yeah for your b'thday ..
my initials..
well i rarely buy people present .. WHY ??
coz i dunno their real taste . so why risk it
so i draw them cards..

i feel it is more sincere .. yea !

15. -zhao’s production 2007 ®-

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
-my current production company is this ..

yeah when i do editing for videos and all..
miss them man..
wanna go home now .. to get some videos done =P

16. Is it the one who loves manga and anime ?
- i'm a fan of anime and manga..
if u know me well enough
or on the surface ..
u might know this part of me..
i just love the..
especially the drawing in manga
man just see those passion coming out of those drawing ..
yea .. and from the drawing making them in motion
it is real nice ..
man i also wanna make my own manga n anime..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i just love the unexpected story line from this anime producer ..
way to go Studio Ghibli..
well if i can ever have a chance to work there ..
it would be awesome

17.Is it the one who loves Japanese and Korean shows ?
- yea i love them.. some have way better story line than
western movies man .. and some asian TVB shows too..
the uniqueness makes me go back for more
does that explain ?

18.Is it the one into japanese stuff ?
- yup i duno since when .. i do have like the thing for japan
i like their language .. kanji
and tries to learn them on my own..
not that good but working on that ..
oh well.. i love the country it's beautiful
if i have a chance i might live there ..
we will see..
it's expensive !!
love their culture .. food
unique fashion .. which i don't keep up with
and etc..

19. Is it the one who can play some kind of music instrument ?
- believe it or not .. i do play the piano ..
yup finish my grade 8 in practical for ABRSM
but gotta say it's getting rusty
but i am working it ..
still remember .
i never intended to learn it ..
and i know many people don't believe i can play the piano
coz i play bball ? lolz lame excuse
haha but well i guess it was more like
a family thingy to learn piano
was never into the whole piano thingy ..
it was like just because my cousin's did it , i just have to follow the flow kind of thing ..
but i guess as i ace up the ladder of grades and pursue to
get done with it ..
i began to get the hang of it ..
i started playing with feeling and heart and passion
and it all changed all together..

18. Is it the one who is a bit ‘kayu’ (stiff) one?
-yea i am KAYU !! as in STIFF
i know it doesn't make sense but i'm not that flexible when it comes to
stuff other than sports..
yea.. get it ?

19. Is it the noisy one?
- i can be talkative at time .. it just depends on the situation

20. Is it the quiet one?
- and be a listener at time too .. if i look quiet doesn't mean i am
you gotta get to know me to know who i am .. yea personally
after all looks don't explain everything

21. Is it the cheeky one/mischievous one?
- i'm never too old to be cheeky .. haha
well it's just part of life =

22. Is it the funny one?
- yeah like to make crappy jokes.. out of the blue
and the one that people sometimes to treat me
as a comdian ..
i have friends who just laugh when i just say stuff..
though it might be serious stuff ..
but they just laugh
and their excuse is .. it's just funny how you're saying it ..lol

23. Is it the mature one
- i like stimulating questions and rebating questions ..
very mind stimulating ..
yeah and i like thinking about stuff ..
in another dimension ..
as in not like the norm..
like when some stuffjust occurs .. just not treating it as crap
but looking at the reason why stuff happens..
yeah prolly with the people i hang out with

24. Is it the friendly one ?
- sometimes i am just able to get along with people i never knew before in my life
yea .. prolly you gotta be open that's it ..
but some people just freaks me out
espcially serious looking people
who like gives you this face
"Can you not come near..I BITE ! "
"I got enough friends.. i need not know another"
haha oh well.. but i don't really mind mixing with anyone
there is nothing to lose getting to know another person

25. Is it the one who loves comfortable clothes
- yea .. that explains why i'm so not into the fashion thingy
oh well i love wearing comfy clothes..
which are t-shirts and shorts..
haha .. it's just nice ..

26. Is it the one who calls/sms you at midnight just to wish you Blessed Birthday
- yea.. well i guess Birthday is the day SPECIALLY to make someone's day
though u can make a person's day on any day
but it is extra SPECIAL when you make them smile even more on their big day

27. Multitasker
- famous for it .. i can do couple of stuff at the same time ..
yeah .. still working on that skill hahaha
28. The one who can sleeps anything and wakes up at anytime..
-well it's uni life .. sometimes you ought to take a nap when u are tired.. and
then get up 2 continue studyin ..
29. The one whose msn mode is always either brb/away
-coz i'm not there like most of the time =P

30.Favourite ending line
Take Care n God bless
but it's nice of you to actually stop by =)
aprreciate it ..
oh well..
that is it for now ..
back to books ..
next 2 last papers in 12 days time..
have a great week ahead (",)


gfiona said...

Lets see... The Ruth I know........................... Fits all 30... Yeap! I got the right RUTH!
Awesome post gal!!

Miss ya lotssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! =X

ruth tan said...

u definately got the right person.. i guess hahha jk ..

missin yea too.. come aus la faster !! sigh**