25.09.07 - (G ² F ²)

Entry 228

Wondering what (G ² F ²)
stands for ?
man i miss messing around with the alphabets and numbers
haha miss bio,chem & physics... LOL
neway (G ² F ²) is created by me haha.. which stands for :

(G ² F ²) : Great Friends Great FUN !!

Just thought of sharing this little video to you all..
It's classic ... hahaha
the owner of this video has posted it on her blog :

(GF) aka Gan Fiona

haha see the owner's initials also have G & F .. haha
neway just sit back and enjoy =)
these great people have been great friends of mine ..

for being a blessing to me in everyway !!
yeah ... Abygayle, Alicia, Fiona and Ming ..
God bless you all !