17.10.07 Life

Entry 246

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Earlier today i got a text regarding somebody passing on ..
this is the prolly the 6th or 7th news on somebody passing on this year for me.
a good friend of mine reminded me regarding how life is so fragile
you never know when you will be gone

So treasure every single person that has passed through your life.
There is surely a reason why everyone passed through your life.
Some may be a pain but other may be a great encourager.
Well in certain stages of life everyone go through matters that they have to solve, nobody is perfect. Though, they may have been a pain in the past but prolly they have change for the better now. I reckon everyone need a 2nd chance in life. Even me, i'm not a perfect person at all. I have weaknesses and downfalls. But what is the most important thing is knowing what our downfalls and weaknesses are and working on it.
So knock me on the head if you see me going down the wrong path. Like everyone else, I need guidance too in different point of my life.
So what's LIFE all about if the bottom line is
SOONER or LATER your will pass on ?!
Day in day out we do our routines either to just kill time or just for the sake of
doing it.

I reckon most of us are pretty tired with the life we are living at this point in time.
Everyday facing different obstacles that comes through our way..
for instance people who don't share the same view with us can be a pain at time but if we try to understand them and talk through things with them, prolly no matter where we are at school, college, uni or work this would turn out differently.
What about STRESS ?
I bumped into a close friend's new webpage and this is what i found :
"wonder what life is all about... stress??? in uni we pay for stress... love??? the ones we love leave us behind.. education??? the learning process lasts a lifetime. so what are we really after???? reconition??? even if we achieve evrything we're still left w a sense of longing.. "
It tickles me when it came to the part where "in uni we pay for stress..." haha well i guess stress is something we all can overcome.. like NOT putting things till the LAST MINUTE. Just getting it done asap will solve heaps of your sleepless nights & massive nightmares =P So what am i really after in my LIFE?
as time goes by, there are heaps i learnt . This year has been a very dry year for me, I could either Give up or give in to my circumstances but as far as it looks like now I am standing on this firm ground where i believe in. Hopefully i will not slack. I'm like any other normal person next door who faces challenges and circumstances in my everyday life. I can choose to just keep on ranting and complainning about everything under the sun but i guess that will not help me in abit in pressing on and hang in there through my challenges. Therefore, what i am really after in my LIFE is to be a better person. Not PERFECT but a better person from who i am now. There are heaps and heaps of things in this life that has not been reveal to me. For now I am gonna prepare myself for what is yet to come. Yeah push my limits and press on. =)
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have a great day
cheers ruth