21.10.07 Like a Light Tower

Entry 248

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Today marks the 3rd year anniversary since my late grandpa passed on. Somehow after chatting to my lil cousin bout’ it, I miss him even more. He saw me as I grew up. From an infant to a teen he spent countless of hours in prayer every night for each of his children, grandchildren and love ones. He was always at my house when he was down in KL. Every time I look at him, he is just so pure, blameless and like an untainted glass. Never once I heard him either complaining or bad mouthing anyone, instate was he the peacemaker. I still remember each Chinese New Year he will personally come to each child or grandchild to blessed them with a red packet aka ‘ang pau’. A thrifty man like him coming all the way from the land of the all Chinese ancestors, China willingly blesses me with his hard earned money he has saved up really means a lot to me. As I grew up I noticed he rather use his money to bless other than to use it for himself till the extend of being thrifty on medical fees. Each morning he gets up and read the Bible for couple of hours aloud (yeah that was what he used to do at my house) then reads the papers, have meals, spend time with us and sometimes tells us stories. He was just someone I look up to and he has left a massive legacy in my life. For that reason, I want to learn to be like him each day. Though I make me a pain sometimes but I am learning to be a better person.

Dear Grandpa,

I REALLY REALLY MISS YOU ALOT ! I REALLY HOPE U WERE HERE TO SEE ME GRADUATE. But i guess you are up there in Heaven watching over me too. Thanks for being such a great grandpa of mine and an excellent role model to me like a light tower watching over me. Though I know you would never read this but I LOVE YOU alot.

Your cheeky lil granddaughter
p/s-i think it's wise not to post up any pics