10.10.07 - Stress Less Day @ UWS

Entry 241

To you all out there who are/will be having exams or finals ..
here is a lil note ..
hopefully it will spice up ur day =)

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1.make someone a cup of tea
2.be physically active 30+ minutes a day
3.break down tasks into manageable steps
4.do something for your community
5.allow yourself and others to be imperfect
6.figure out what's really important to you
7.perform a random act of kindness every day
8.schedule more fun with others
9.learn how to relax or meditate
10.join a team sport or activity group


p/s-neway please go to samsungtorchbearer and scroll down to my submission. Kindly just comment on it thanks ('',)


Daisy said...

hey, ruthz! thanks for checking my blog! :)

to your question, no, I haven't been making that often lately. It's school's fault. X) I will when I have the time.

Thanks for the stress less tips! they really help; I'm doing so much lately.

ruth tan said...

no probs..i reckon u made this template in my blog rite?!

when do u attend skewl?

no probs for the stress less tips .. hahaha i guess most people needs it neway =)

take care & God bless