1. Buy a DSLR
2. Road Trip to Kampar with Abygayle
3. Laksa Hunting with Fiona
4. Climb Mount Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
5. Climb Mount Everest, Nepal.
6. Get my full licence
7. World tour
8. Mission trip
9. Go on a ball
10.Experience a movie production
11.Experience a road show
12.Experience a life with a magazine production
13.Go on a SPECIAL PREMIER movie
14.Have a meal @ chillis KL, M'sia
15.Have a full course meal cook by a friend doing culinary arts
16.Learn a New Sport 1-baseball
17.Learn a New Sport 2 -cricket
18.Learn a new Sport 3 -boxing
19.Learn a New Sport 4
20.Learn a New Sport 5
21.Keep fit
22.consistent with studies
23.manage to survive without junkie
24.Get drunk
25.Go on Road Trips
26.Go on a cruise by the harbour
27.Beat my 1.5Km time which was 9.06mins
28.Beat my 1.5Km time which was 9.00mins
29.Beat my 1.5Km time which was 8.55mins
30.Beat my 1.5Km time which was 8.50mins
31.Beat my 1.5Km time which was 8.08mins
32.manage to survive without rice korean buffet @ the Curve
34. eat japanese buffet @ Jogoyah japanese buffet @ Shogen
36.Loose 5 kg
37.summer job

38.Go to Uluru, Alice Spring, Australia
39.Go to Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
40.Go to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

41.Go to Perth, Australia

42.Go to Adelaide, Australia
43.Go to Korea

45.Work in Japan

46.Learn a new language

48.Learn to be a pilot/fly a plane

49.Test drive a Volkswagen Bettle
50.Get a flip phone
51. 51.Play paintball
52.visit the seven wonders of the world
1 The Pyramids of Egypt
2 The Taj Mahal, India

3 The Great Wall of China
4 The Eiffel Tower
5 The Leaning Tower of Pisa
6 The Statue of Liberty
7 The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
53.Climb Tabur again in 2008 Jan

54.Road trip to Malacca
55.Visit Stonehenge
56.Do skydiving
57. Cycle for 13km
57. Cycle for 17.70km

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