Entry 257

Lil Update :
It has been a LONG DAY !
Barely had any 8 hours of sleep today, having to sit for an exam at 8.30am which weight like 60% (all subjective) yeah taxation law. Feeling scared to my bones I hardly slept till 5am. Then dragged myself to uni, halfway to uni I thought I forgot my student id. Running back home half-way I checked my bag, and guess what it was in there. So 2 hours and 10 minutes papers went fast. Walking home thinking of the amount to pack I took my own sweet time to walk. Then an hour later my dad and siblings came. Empty my house.


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Brook Besor?

Where are you?

A new place in Aussie?

HAHA..that was the reaction I got when I changed my msn nick to

ruth@Brook Besor

You must be thinking WHAT IN THE WORLD IS BROOK BESOR.
It is a word which I found very close to my heart from ‘FACING YOUR GIANTS’ by Max Lucado.(Great book!!check it out)
Basically ‘BROOK BESOR’ is a narrative which describes, a deserve shelf space in the library of the worn-out. It speaks tender words to the tired heart.

This year has been like me being in Brook Besor. Taking this big step to come down under to think through stuff and at the same time excel, has been a challenge. Firstly coming to a suburb where I know of NOBODY and to unfamiliar grounds was a massive challenge for me but this is not the first time so it wasn’t too bad. The first few weeks were though, coz smarty me decided to skip orientation for Chinese New Year haha.. But I don’t regret any bit of that! Besides that, I reached here down under like three days before uni started haha.. Smart eyh?! Neway, God was good he provided me a room at uni so which means I need not travel from my aunt’s for more than 2 hours to and fro each day. Feeding my soul spiritually each week at an Anglican church honestly, it felt kinda dry. The culture was a total opposite to FGAKL but I continued to attend it week in week out. I could have decided to let go of everything. But I’m glad I didn’t coz we are serving the same God. As days went past in the first semester, I began to make new friends from all over and we even had a Bible study on resis by Erika Khoo, great job mate! I was searching for a youth group back then and then again God provided. It all happened when I was walking back from uni one arvo and decided to check my house’s post box and I saw a lil pic of paper stating Bible study thingy. It was good just getting to know other people on resis like Erika, Matty, Orgden, Judy, Jinnie, Holly, Sandra and others. Missing you all heaps.

First semester was not too bad. Other than acknowledging that aussies drink a fair bit of alco which seem like water to them regardless the time. There were other freaky stuff too, different personalities in people I met but it was all good. I learnt something out of that. Well I reckon in every experience there is something to learn behind it. Just days before I left for KL, back in June, Nimra had a birthday party and thank God I went. That was when I found out Hillsong extension church exist in Macarthur which is near my uni. Thanks to Misani for informing me and Judy about it. Still remember walking into that church guided by the church’s member and so happen the girl, who guided us in, names Ruth too.

Back in KL, I did more thinking and meeting up with people. I reached home on Wednesday and shortly after that Dr Koh passed on, on Friday. While on Saturday my cousin got married and then again on Sunday dad’s friend’s dad passed on. It was a big impact on me. Thought me to treasure life and push my limits for the fullest in life. During winter vacation back home, there were more things to be powdered about.

Second semester came picking up fast, and now I am already done with my final paper earlier today. This semester has passed fast, there were heaps of things I observed, learnt and gotten hands on experiences and etc. There were times all I can do is continue to wait and continue believing in faith. Along this entire year I have been picking up heaps of pieces to complete this massive jigsaw puzzle of mine which is still in the making.

It has almost a year now being down under here. There have been heaps of times I wondered and wondered why on earth will I be placed here in Campbelltown? Where Malaysian can hardly be found. Being in a western suburbs where lifestyle and culture are totally unfamiliar to me. Being away form the city has taught me to learn about other suburbs and their whereabouts.
I will end with this in this journey of life, there will be heaps of people/situations/challenges who will let you down and discourage you from moving towards your goal. But the most important thing is this, whether you have a firm stand. If you do, stay firm on it and press on to the finish line. The journey to the finish line may be hard for nothing is easy but persevere on.

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As I continue waiting in Brook Besor, I pray that Lord you continue to speak tender words to the tired heart.


p/s-need sleep.. heading to victoria.. toodles noodles..


11*blue said...

to be honest, when i first saw your msn nick, my first impression was:

Brook - someone's names?
Besor - somehow reminds me of Besar? an intentional typo?
Brook + Besor = a place, campbelltown?


what language is the phrase ah?

oh well, my exams finished too! woohoo to both of us!~
have fun in melbourne!
take care.

ruth tan said...

hahahaha ..
i'm not surprised ..
coz when i first put it until just before i took it off ..
i was asked heaps of times ade hahahha
nah not in campbelltown ..
what language? not sure eyh !!

you have a safe trip home alright !! will have fun here hahaha .. so how 7th ?