C o u s i n s

Entry 320


While i was home for winter holidays i managed to head down south to Johor and Singapore.
I am glad i did coz i managed to spend time with my cousins.
Me from KL.
TZX from Johor.
Ivy from Singapore.
All having different walks of life not super uber close but close enough just had heaps of fun chilling out.
I'm Blessed for having cousins like them who are understanding, cool and wonderful !
I'm Blessed also for having cousins i can hang out with , talk crap with and etc..
Thank God for COUSINS !!
all da best Ivy over in Scotty and TZX over in Newcastle !!
man you both abandon me and head over to the UK !!
come to think of it i will not be hanging out with u people this CNY..
i'm sad now.. haihz
well Take care u two ! God bless !
hope to cya both real soon !
come to aussieland quick !


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