Entry 368

The time now is 10.15pm on a thursday evening.
The night is getting nicer than earlier.
It was as good as being in an oven earlier today !
Well prolly that is what a real summer day is like :P

I felt like having Cendol today !!
coz of the heat !! it was 40 degrees today LOL!
missing m'sian awesome food !! hahaha. ..

Neways haven had the chance to update on CNY but will do soon.
Currently i have 3 big task to complete :

1.Organization Behaviour quiz due by Mon
2.Law of Biz Org finals on Tues
3.Reflective Report due on Wed

will be free after the 11th of FEB !! weeeeeeeeee....
so if you are sydney let me know !!
lets hang out !!