Autumn is here

Entry 375

Three blazing hot and windy cold eractic summer has passed
Autumn is here ....
And it is already MARCH !!! oh no ...
been down under for nearly 7 months..
Life have been very interesting.
Over and over it is funny how i find myself in familiar and new grounds which makes it more intersting !!
well im buckling up for the new season has come !!



drewnity said...

yay!! autumn!! +D hahaa.... well, its the same here though.. doesn't make any difference to us.. anyway, you must be enjoying yourself down under.. LOL +D till dowan to come back.. hahaha

ruth tan said...

it is summer at home what !! well im doing alrite .. just heaps of uni work already.. and it is only week 2 .. lol you make it sound as if i really don't wanna head home LOL