Ally in Ctown

Entry 400

So Alison Kong is in town ..

It was sunday...
And it rained so heavily that we had to cancel out plans
Well brought her around ctown for abit ..

Brought her to pancakes on the rocks ...

Then hang out session at Macarthur Square

Apparently there is no BIG W in adelaide lol


Somehardworking kid who came to Sydney to do work :P

OMAR's Birthday So called surprise !

Rena,Ally, me

Mili, me , ally

The dudes that spice up my life lol ..

top: pranav, yousef, rena, me
front : omar, mili , ally

Birthday boy ('',) woot woot
Have a great day peepz
take care n God bless


andrew said...

wwooootttt~ Hello Ally!! Super hardworking.. LOL =D only to be disturbed by someone else.. LOL =D haha...

blessed birthday to Omar!! LOL D

ruth tan said...

lol ...
Thanks for the wish on Omar's behalf

aLLy-K said...

Heylo Andrew :D and nawwww, she didn't disturb me. She was motherly :P

ruth tan said...

LOL .. how am i even motherly ?!! you should tell my mum that and see how she respond to that haha..
i reckon it will be hilarous :P