The Making of Mighty People

Entry 403

Over the last few weeks heaps have been happening.
Life is not only random SOMETIMES BUT AT ALL TIMES for me!
In the last weeks , life has been totally random.
Having to deal with life and what it has installed for me each day
is definately a challenge and sometimes it becomes an unrealised burden
especially in getting yourself motivated each day and moving on.

Just taking time off to unwind and check myself once again..
People in life will disappoint you but you know what they are not perfect so yeah let it go.
Love them and treat them like how you want them to treat you (",)

Over the weekend heaps of more things happened which just made me sit down and just have some self reflection time about the things happening around me.

At church this sermon really speak to me about stuff.


The Making of Mighty People

2 Samuel 23:8

We need mighty men or people to do extraordinary things!
A mighty men/women can do a lot with little things.

They are able to stand in life and make a stand even when their circumstances are not very great.

1 Samuel 22:2

The makings of mighty men are people who are in distress and discontent.
There are heaps of people who are in distress, discontent and in debts.
We need a David to step up in someone and we can be a David in that someone’s life.

How to be a David? How to be a mighty man?

1. I have to be able to recognize the raw materials

Do you look with people with little talents or otherwise?
So often the people you help are the people who need help.
We need to admit our need.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.

God uses people who are distress, discontent and debt to bring awesomeness.
The secret is not the raw material but it is the David.
Ask God to help you recognize the raw material.
We have to learn how to recognize the Gold instead of the mud.
There is so much going through and on in our lives each day
But we need to learn to see the gold instead of the mud.

Where were you when God found you?
God always use the foolish to profound the wise.

2. I need to be willing to be a leader

Someone has to step up and lead
Many of the mighty man you might impact may not have a light in them.


We need to step up!
If people are willing to stand out to lead,
Are you willing to put on the coat of many colours?
Are you willing to put down the things on your heart to lead others?

3. I need to lead despite of my brokenness

So often we put thing off by giving excuses and stating that we are not in a good place or position to help
But David wasn’t in a good place either Talk bout’ being broken.
Why is God’s plan or purpose not going in my life?
But that is why God uses us despite our brokenness.
In the midst of brokenness David lived up to his life and name.
Start looking for mighty men.

There are many people out there who are waiting and searching!
But someone despite of their brokenness will step up!!
In the midst of your brokenness, God’ll be able to use you.

God’ll bring people to you.
God will bring people in your life in your lowest and you will have to step up no matter how low you are in life or how though life is.
When you are living at your lowest, you will have to step up no matter how low you are in life or how though life is.
When you are living your lowest you will be in triump and be blown away like never before.

Look for the David inside of you
Who is someone you can step into encourage.

well have a great week..

take care n God bless




Andrew said...

Am glad the last week's sermon did speak to you in some way! Be blessed!! weee~ =)

ruth tan said...

thanks dude. it is awesome when God speaks to you right in your face :P