Perspective of the palace

Entry 391

Church life is Awesome !
I'm glad i made it there earlier this morning.
Good friday is this coming Friday and Easter on Sunday.
What does these days mean to you? merely just some random hols?
well there is more to it than some mere hols.

At church today Donna spoke a timely message
i reckon each week i get filled like never before

Dear God

your never fail to amaze me and you are the reason i can smile each day (",)


well the entire service this morning was just awesome !
Bout tithe, like how much you bless us with each day even when we don't deserve it.
Matt 10:8 Freely you've been given, freely you have give.
How has your giving been?
I know it is hard to be consistent when there are too much things to invest in this world.
But think again once u have made that decision and stay firm in it there will not be a need to think bout anymore.

The message this morning was very timely.
It somehow seems to me that in every season i am in my life, God just know it!
It is like spot on.


Well the message is about : PERSPECTIVE OF THE PALACE

We are right in the middle of our journey now where we do not know what is in the finish line.
We are called to be in the world but not of the world.

Genesis 37
When you are loved and have a God loved life, there are people who will hate us about it.
Every small day has the power to be a destiny and a big & great day.
We never know the great day but if we live in our conviction through suffering, our small day will be a great one.
Genesis 41:41-49

The palace represents opportunity, position and future.
God puts us in a place of influence not for us to be full of our position but getting on with the purpose of the given position.
Can you see the purpose of being where you are?
Do you see the opportunity? Network? Do you see the situation you’re in as a palace?

In the midst of all our circumstances, there are people out there who are far worst than us. Count your blessing. We have to understand the bigger picture despite of the midst of our circumstances. So often we miss the main point of the purpose why we are placed in our palace.
God has called us to rise up and shine for HIM!

It is our mind set that needs to be change! We need to stop comparing!
There is a purpose and a God assignment in every part of our journey with God. It is so easy to get caught up with the perks of the world and excuses.

Esther 4:4 , Malachi 1

So often we are so caught up with the palace and our position.

Prov 27:21

There is NO GREATER TEST than success. SUCCESS can bring forth to a great destruction.
People who take PRAISE, will be destroyed by it. It is the matter of how you deal with praises. To let it out or be consumed by it. Praise is only for God to ordain.
God knows our lives, the purpose He has assigned to your life.

How do we disaster proof our life?

1. The palace that we are in has a purpose within.
2. To make very good friends with excelence

Gen 41:5
• What is heard of your name?
• What is going to be said of you and me? (Prov 22:29)

There are seasons in our life where we are called to serve other without getting anything in return. God has put us in a place to work hard and excel. We need to have an excellence spirit. We don’t start with excellence but it is a process where we need to develop it as we are being mould in our character and every single part of us. It is NEVER easy but we will be destruction proof. Therefore, the quality of being excellent is discipline.

Whatever that does not kill you will not destroy your but will make you stronger!

You need to understand that your current situation and position is your ticket to your palace. Just be excellent! When you put your best out there for God, He will amaze us and bless us in a way that will blow us away. So, make good friends with excellent and hard work! Be prepared to put in the hard work.

3. Look for God and expect of HIM
Gen 41:50
Joseph wasn’t in denial of being in pain and suffering.
No matter how much your circumstance is pressing in, search for God and expect of HIM!

Hardship & Hard work
-No hardship & hard work is pleasant to begin with but it has a potential to bring blessing.
If you allow God to use you, and bring forth your potential
Discipline, hardship and hard work is never to hard and look at it as a blessing.
Look for the Blessing.
In this world of wanting quick fixes and fast answers, stay with Him in no matter what seasons you are in!

It was a timely message for me, not sure whether for you but just hang in there in no matter what situation you are in coz the bigger picture will be unfolding sooner than you think !

have an awesome week ahead !
take care n God bless



Andrew said...

just when i needed a message like that!! great =) *huggsss*

ruth tan said...

well thanks for the feedback. i reckon we all do need these kind of message in no matter what season we are in :D