Winter Vacation Summary Post

Entry 427

18th June 2009
Left for KL M'sia for winter vacation break. It was good to head home after a year. Having a good friend on a 7.5 hours plane ride home was good fun! Thanks KC! The jokes and etc.. miss the good time back at Taylors.

1st meal in KL : Chinese Nasi Lemak

Thanks to my awsome good friend Andrew Wong. For taking me for good food right after touchdown.

2nd Meal after touchdown: the usual MAMAK SESSION WITH DA FAMILY

OLD TOWN KOPITIAM Hang out session with da siblings and da Gan's

22nd June 2009
Fiona's Early Morning birthday breakie at Bangi Kopitiam
[me.chin looi.fiona.reuben.szu-mei]

Food hunting session: Curry yong tau foo & low see fun

Monica Khoo's Farewell dinner @ Madam Lim's

Fiona's 21st birthday celebration

Dinner w awesome siblings

24th June 2009 Tenji w G4, SS17 & Charles Chan
[ hai.kian chee.yoke yi]

DURIANS !!! thanks dad !

26th June 2009 Land of the Lost movie screnning

[ other bloggers (can't rmbr the names sry)]

27th June 2009 Met up with Randy Khoo

29th June 2009 G4 + SS17 Yuen Steamboat Buffet
[priya.kae yi.yoke han.jia yi.prassan.kian]

30th June 2009
Breakie w schoolies

High school field trip

cousin Jocelyn's KDU concert

met Michelle Tan and ex-mssd bballers.

1st July 2009
Meet up session @ Madam Kwans


3rd July 2009
Meet up session with Pearl Chew

Meet up session with Rosesela and Abel

4th July 2009
Breakie session with Aaron sim and ken loh

hang out session with da awesome siblings

Da protective lil bro Philip

Da cheeky lil sis Carolyn

Yum cha session with the dudes

chilling at Batu Caves with andrew

Sending Sarah Lee off

Tea with schoolies

9th July 2009 A day as a tourist

10th July 2009
Meeting up with Pn Khamsiah

Cendol Session

Abygayle Brani's 21st
[me.tonya.fiona.michelle.alicia.abigail.chin looi.szu-mei.reuben.lim.the brani's and andy]

11th July 2009 COPA IBA

13th July 2009 Harry Potter Premier Movie Screening

16th July 2009 Alicia's 21st
[me.reuben.szu-mei.fiona.alicia.ming yee.abygayle.kiren.andy.abigail.chin looi.lim]

17th July 2009 Manchester Training Session

Szu-mei's 21st

Da big sis Mag

Da lil sis Roxanne

Da Cousin Mun Hong

Da Wacky lil sis Christine

22nd july 2009 Archery at Genting with andrew

24th July 2009
Lunch w Miss Li

Full house Meet up session

Da Biggie sis Rachel Chan

School Carnival

Off to down under
Sent off by schoolies

5.5 weeks of homecoming was TOTALLY AWESOME !
Thanks to my awesome folks that i was able to be home again.
Despite the short time i totally enjoyed the company of my awesome love ones which includes family&friends. Thanks heaps all !