Life like an airplane

Entry 440

Its been forever since i last blogged. Many months has passed, many new experiences, challenges, seasons and journeys i have been on. Couple of months has been rough but it has certainly been an adventure and thank you for those who journeyed along with me and packed me up with unlimited encouragement and words of wisdom. I truly appreciate you all. Last month i was blessed to take some time off to travel. In between airports and waiting times this is what i denoted:

Life is like an airplane where when all is well it feel like the plane is taking off to higher grounds.
But in the season of waiting its like the plane takes forever to take off on and has been running on the longest runaway ever. Its like "Are we there yet?!"
During season of crisis and challenges it feels like in the midst of turbulence where at any point you have only one choice which is to expect the unexpeted.
But it is in that journey its where you learn to grow through a learning process of patience, faith, maturity and trusting.
Once you are able to manuver the plan back on track, you bring yourself out of that journey of turbulence into an abundance.
Its like a sunny day after the storm.
Then you are prepared to reached the destination.

Well when life gets tough, its only to make you stronger! Hang in there and enjoy the ride while it last !

"Experience is what you get whe you didn't get what you wanted."

As i am upon arrival to my destination which is the completion of my degree, i have to say this journey i had the past few years has been awesome and interesting. There were sunny and rainy days but it has allowed me to think they way i do and shape the person i am.

Enjoy and savour each season of your life and make the fullest out of it.