Yeah little things seems small all the time
but sometimes these little things
may seems that you are blessed with it!

yeah ...
all the time i treat my siblings
like a big hazzel...
haha yeah they give trouble
and all
but one thing that make me realise
is this
every1 in the family plays an
no matter how old or young you are!

I'M Blessed coz ...

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i have great parents..
yeah eventhough how conservative they are
but still...
yeah they are my parents lor...
they have bless me with loads of stuff

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i have a great grandma
yeah who cares so much for me
and encourages me all the time
and never fail pray for me
&for everyone...

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I have a sister
who foreva has mood swings
when she is crazy she really is
but when she is moody me
sometimes she is a real annoyance
but sometimes a real blessing too
well but thanks God for giving me her as a sister
making me understand lots of stuff..

(hey we don't look alike rite!!
many a times ppl mistaken
her as my older sister hahaha
-but not in this pic =P)

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i have a brother
yea a pretty very annoying,full with mischiviousness
and very cheeky!!
but i guess thanks to the WORLD CUP
which did load of thing
in mending our relationship
as brothers and sisters
we used to fight 24-7
but now seldome eventhough we still do
haha i need more patiens!!

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i have another sister
who is super naughty now
but well..
it is nice to have a lil sibling
some1 who is 12 years younger than me

bottom line:
it is nice to see them grow..
and nice having them around
still can't imagine if i was the only child
the house will be super quite
haha probably i am too used with a noisy enviroment!!

yeah thank GOD for this family
though there will be ups&downs
God do strenghten me
well no family is perfect
but in God's hands nothing is impossible...


Jeremy said...

Heheh... yeap.. we should always thank God for the family He's given us... though we may not like them at times.. hehe.. our families are among the few we can turn to when all others fail.. of course, God will always be there.. but He has also provided us with a family that we can turn to as well..

Anyway, jst to let u know that this is my new blog.. hehe.. might not be updating the xanga wan liao.. take care..

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