lil update...


this week been kinda relax
coz i cancel all my outings..gatherings n etc
i just felt like staying home
and i guess i made the right choice
well beside that i wasn't feeling well
coz was staying up till the wee hours in the morning.
as well as yesterday..
i think it is my weekly routine to sleep like 5 to 6am
on saturday morning...
coz my cousin will be back from college
and spend her weekends with us..
so we go mamaking and then stay up and talk hahaha..
sorry to people like Gan Fiona & G4-ians
for my absence at both your gatherings this week
and some others for cancelling the appointment and stuff
well as said..i didn't feel like going newhere
i think this week is the only week i felt so free haha
coz since i got back been going out alot..
i did sporting only this week
feel good (''.)
other than that..
thanks to Fiona for telling me bout the
BEARSHARE thingy..
i manage to save 20 over bucks from buying OST
yeah..thanks yea


thanks bout it for now
gotta get some sleep..
take care n God bless..