FunNY weather


yesterday it didn't rain at all...
it was good .. but abit cloudy
had my last class for the week
neway glad to hear aryfah's , prassan's n jac jac's voices today

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jac n me
really good to hear from u..
yeah though it was at the wee hours of this morning ..
but it was worth it !! take care yea..

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thanks4calling babe..

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and prassan..
nice to hear from u ..
come over la during easter break!!

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just some random pic .. me n cousin amelia
look at her face man..
like a bunny..hahaha

and bout today..
it is burning hot..

Sydney Weather
on yahoo states that it's only 26 degree but
it seems like 40++ degrees..
the weather here is pretty crappy ...
one day cloudy,the next day raining cats n dog
and the next day the sun is blasing n burning ..
melting everything on this planet..
well other than that ..
slept in today..finally after so many days
of travelling up the train to uni..
had a day off today..
kinda cool
probably will do some jogging later when the sun sets..
coz it's still so so hot !!!
looks like i will be tanner soon..

till then
take care n God bless