Friday in City

Entry 141

Off to the city in the morning by train..
it was not a sunny day..
it drizzled abit
when i walked to the bus stop to catch the uni bus
then was up on the train..
yeah for about an hour.. lolx..
thank gosh i met michelle and her friend on the train..
well i gotta say

and he provides all the time..
oh well i was on the way to the city to get some day tours guide
if i didn't meet michelle and her friend..
i think i will not be able to find all the travel agency..
and be stuck in the city the entire day
just looking for the day tours..
but God knew the situation better

Thanks GOD

neway here are some pics i took in the city
not many at all..
was too busy looking for the travel agencies
and too tired..
guess what when i reached the city ..
suddenly it was like super hot
like the weather back home..

streets in the city
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giving myself a lil treat after a long walk under the sun
i think i am getting darker soon..lolx..
thanks to something called


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take care n God bless