A walk ....

Entry 140

It's my 3 week staying on the Uni campus residence..
i gotta say making friends wasn't as easy as it was in KL
haha in KL you can just walk up to anyone and start a


it is just different here but i ain't complaing!
but oh well
out of these 3 weeks..
TODAY was the best of all..
haha i met other ASIANS living on campus..
well so what have i been doing the last 3 weeks??
haha... duno... being blur..
not knowing that there was another person from S'pore
and korea n japan n hong kong!!
neway played netball yesterday..
with some gals on campus..on our midget bball court
but seriously netball aint as fun as bball!!
neway went for a walk with korean,rusian,negro & singaporean..

it was kinda fun..
getting to know more people as the day goes by!!

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well this is some star seeing area..

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group pic
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sandra . me . junni . (gal from russia)

yup..back to work..

got some assigment to do..
been a busy week so couldn't update much
but yeah thanks to Kian chee and prassan who called me
up during the week.. you people did make my week nicer (",)
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that bout it..
take care n God bless

cheers ruth