Have you thought why on earth do u have fingers?

especially the thumb?
which has an abnormal size compared to the other fingers?
ever since my thumb got cut..
i began to appreciate my thumb
coz a thumb is an important finger ..

5 things
u will not be able to do when you thumb gets injured are :

1. You'll have a hard time sms-ing ..
if you use both hands..
coz now .. u will only have one thumb 2 use for sms-ing

2.You'll have a hard time using the calculator..
yeah when you have to make calculations..

3. You'll have a hard time chattin online or do typing..
coz without one finger ..
your typing speed will decrease !!

4. You'll have a hard time playing sports
especially racket games (depends which hand u use
for me i am a right hander i got my right thumb
cut so ..yea) and ball games..

5. You'll not be able to play the piano..
for me i play the piano...
so it's harder for me to play the notes which need me
to use my thumb..lolx

so becareful yeah will your lil fingers..
they are very vulnerable to danger all the time!!
so keep them safe!

my thumb is still healing.. not completly healed yet..
it has been a month now..
hope it will get better soon
but i am back to sports ..

take care now..
God bless