Entry 183

hi all
yeah if u were chatting with me earlier today
i was at the park
chatting with u guys for about 2 hours ..
yeah in the park i repeat..
wearing just a baby T and 3 quarters..
in about 20 degrees..
i think i became ice or maybe was about too..
become one ..
neway yeah when i was walking back to cousin's place
i felt like a walking stiff person..
yeah anyway..
this is not what i wanna post about.

Oh well about one month after today.. I will be having my finals and then I will have more than a month break … yeah what should I do??
I have 2 main reasons 2 go back
· To see my grandma
· To see mei yee before she leaves again 2 US this time lolx..
(gal come 2 aus la ..hahaha do exchange or smth)
Other reason are like
· To see my beloved family yeah dad,mum & siblings + relatives
· Going on hols with cousin n friends
· Other la
· Yup wanna go ULURU in Alice Spring..
(it’s superb.. but then I wanna get my DSLR 1st b4 goin there…**oh ruth don’t be so fussy ok !!)
-erm to earn my money 2 buy myself a b’thday present at the end of the year..
-yeah currently aiming a DSLR !!
-or should I just lepak here.. hahaha
Neway I called up the
Student Flight’s Agency which so called selling all the cheap tickets for students… the call cost me a lot of money too lolx…
Oh well.
If I were to go back talking

1. Brunei Airline
It will cost me 750AUD = RM 2100
But it’ll stop at Brunei..
Then what do I do?? Swim back ?? (like what mei yee said!) lolx..
Haha mind as well just go Brunei for hols then..

2. Malaysian Airline
It will cost me 840AUD = RM2352
And it will stop in KLIA ..
Paying 252 more just to get back to KL .. haihz
But considered very cheap already la

3. China Airline
According to the website it will cost me 653^AUD = RM1829
Haha so if brunei airline stop in brunei
Then china airline stop in china ah ? what the heck wei …

So yeah still considering whether to do back or not..
What do u think? SHOULD I ??


gfiona said...

Exactly how long is your holidays?? More than a week's break = less than two weeks? a week and 2 days?

Well if your holidays are kinda sorta short, I think its better for you to stay in Australia... I feel that there's no point coming back if your hols are really really short coz u'll be spending like about 1 day traveling back n forth. Rite?

Of course, if u wana come back, TOTALLY FINE WITH ME. At least I get to see you =). But I feel that 1 week is just way toooo short man!

Leave the backpacking for later... 1 week too short for backpacking lah! LOL... Y not just wander around the city instead? So that u can take me on tour when I go to Sydney maaaahh!! XD

Umm... Yah. I think that's all for now... LOL. Nites n TC!! =X

ruthz said...

joker la u..
my hols is more than a month..
hahaha ..
for me to go back is not my decision.. coz parents paying ma..
but oh well see how things goes..
mayb will just stay back here and work n bakpack n chill hahhaaha..

hey btw .. if u didn't know mei yee will be back in june and will leave in august for US..

take care n God bless


gfiona said...

U lah! Sendiri cakap more than a week's break! Say lah more than a month! Geezz!

If parents want u back, THAT'S GREAT!!! Ask them get tics for you. LOLLLLL!!! Gal seriously la. I suck at this kinda stuff. LOL.

But have u asked ur parents bout this? What do they suggest you to do?

MeiYee will be back from where? O.o. LOL...

ruthz said...

did i say 1 week?
can't rmbr..
neway told them the air ticket prices but they din say anything..
but looks like i also kinda malas wanna go back..

mei yee coming back fr germany la..lolx didn't u know?
she will be off to US in aug..