movies reviews

Entry 182

Watch 4 movie recently ..
yeah ..

1. 300

it's a nice movie .. though many people said it was kinda gory..
but the bottom line is this..
it's not a horror movie..
so yeah..
if u are into action packed stuff go ahead and watch this movie..
and another thing ..
if u like historical stuff.. u should watch this movie
gives u a picture on the spartan ..
super cool..
it's abit violent i gotta say
but then again.. it boostes ur adrenaline rush
nice movie after all..
u were right big cuzie about the movie!!

2. Perfect Match (korean)

nice movie..
more into a romance genre kind of thing..

3. Cat Returns by Studio Ghibli

if u are into anime..
u should try Studio Ghibli's movie..
they are super good..
nothing like what u imagine
coz Mr Hayao Miyazaki and team
makes movie that is so unique that will make u watch more!!

if u aren't aware..
Studio Ghibli produced SPIRITED AWAY

so if u found this good..
u should check out the rest of Studio Ghibli's production!!

4.My Neighbour Yamadas

another production of Studio Ghibli...
well more japanese orientated..
super cool..
and funny..
looks kiddy but who cares it's nice..

yeah btw u must be thinking what the heck is wrong with Ruth..
getting into all these anime thingy..
so childish??
haha wait till u are into anime
and maybe u will be like
it's not childish after all..
coz anime might look kiddy
but there is something nice behind it..
as in the great story line
the drawing skills and etc..
too much 2 say on it..

yeah that's about it..
have a great week everone..
take care n God bless