Road Trip Back to grandma's

Entry 209

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It was raining at 1pm when my mum got back from work and
came knocking at my door .. "still sleeping ah ? "
Then i jumped out of bed noticing that i have received
numerous of sms and calls..
sorry peepz..

i overslept !!

haha thanks to
Prison Break
which in the end was breaking my head..
had some bad headache ..
due to stayin up for bout 22hours straight
yea..watching not other than Prison Break ..
pretty cool series..
made me smarter i think haha..


i'm currently out of TOWN ..

head back to Jb earlier yesterday afternoon
just had to escape the busy life back in KL ..
and think bout' things..
it was good ..
the road trip by bus was worth it ..
sort some things out..
had some quality chat with daddy God ..
and cleared some things which been giving me a hearthache and headache the last couple of days .. though i tried just holding myself together.. sigh**

thanks to those who did hear my out ..
i really appreciate that !!

I'm glad i made a trip back here ..
thank God grandma has been doing better ..

till then .. will be back prolly on friday..
take care n God bless


p/s- there is just too much 2 update ..
i will leave it for later ..ciauz