16.08.07 Blessed B'THDAY lil bro =P n lil update

Entry 216

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Cheeky lil bro..
how are u doing ?
though i just spoke to you but then i'm kinda sad being not able to spend ur 12th b'thday with u!
when i see you we will celebrate a belated one alright ?
together with Christine's and lil Carolyn's soon b'thday =)

this post is dedicated to you..


P - PHILIP is your name
H - He is a pretty cheeky, annoyin and mischevious lil dude
I - I love you HEAPS !!!
L - Love to be with you now but well i'm down under =(
I - I wish you ALL DA' BEST IN ur UPSR exam !!
P - Pray that you will grow up to be a good chap

hey bro it was really nice spending those time with you during my winter break .
I gotta say i'm missing your annoyiness in abit thought u do that all the time on the phone but well love you heaps.
Have a great day alright ?
Be GOOD !!
see ya soon ...

[ just a lil something for you to enjoy.. ]

tell me what you think about it .. (",)


other b'thday shout out goes to all AUgust babies..
sorry haven got time to blog them out..
but yeah that doesn't mean i forget u !!
the list is on the left hand corner of this blog =)


- lil update .. -

crap crap crap ..
was late for lecture this morning ..
man early morning classes are good at times

but aint that good when u oversleep..
had class at 9am .. then when i finally opened my eyes yesterday morning ..
i looked at my phone and was like


i'ts already 9.45am..
jumped out of bed off to the toilet to wash up and all dress up and all ..
n literately fast walk to class which took me about 7 mins wow !!
Stepped into lec theatre .. and was in time for the workshop..
a friend came and was like when u came ?

crappy man ..
the last two weeks i was sharp on time for class ..
and today i was sharp 1 hour late for class ...
gotta sleep early ..
yeah ..

can literately hear monica n fiona saying "see la ask u to sleep early!!"

hahahaha ... beat that !!

oh well .. i will ..

btw i finally joined the gym after like super long of thinking and all..
now i can keep fit and mantain my stamina throughout winter too =)
though i'm lil broke but it will definately worth it !!

GAYA !! remember the 5 KG thingy ?
alright .. haha
lets hit it !! whoever fails .. belanja buffet !! hahaha !! alright??

take care n God bless
have a great week ahead !



gfiona said...

HAAAAAAPPY BELATED BDAY! You're a genius!! The other day when I came to your house I heard you play awhile when I was upstairs but then you hilang when I came down =.=

Now your beloved sis here posted up that video for the world to see and it's GRREAAAAATTTT. Show the world your talent lerr!! XD

NAAAHHH NAAAH!! TOLD YAAAA!! SEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Toldya to sleep early but noooooooooooo. You wana stuhdeee. Now see lah! Late for classes! Tsk tsk tsk... DIMERIT!!! XD

ruth tan said...

genius .. lol .. nah he is alright .. haha coz he shy .. or scared of u . jk .. hahaha ...
nah just felt like putin up the video for fun .. hahaha

u got talent too wat ..
singing eyh ? dun worry i will pray that it will not rain or tsunami will not come .. haha jk .. just teasin yea ! prolly u did heaps of practicing in the car everyday to uni eyh? haha..
thought of M'sian Idol if it every hits back on tv ? go for it .. i will go cheer for u ..

i will sleep early la ..
lol..study is good ..
coz sometimes u are able 2 get some solid work done at odd hours ... it works for me somtimes =P

gfiona said...

LOL... That was meant for PHILIP. U answer for whuat??? LOL JK XDDDD.

Oh. Yeah. I've got looootttsa singing practice. But the prob is, me in the car singing, no one else listening, I'll sing it MY WAY, screwing up all the notes, going out of tune. WHAHAHAHAHA. No wonder hujan lebat =.=

Actually, One In A Million is coming back for it's 2nd season. Sori lah. My voice is too valuable to be shared with the world.

You hypocrite! Last night sleep what time ah? Wat time Wat time Wat time? BLEK!

ruth tan said...

coz he will b sittin for upsr .. so no time 2 reply u eyh .. so i help la !!

voice too valuble it seems .. blek ! someppl i think just went high on notes ..
share la ..
sharing is caring ..
arent u caring ? hahaha ..

erm i slept early this morning haha .. well i got caught here on msn rmbr ? hahha...
but then again i had sufficient sleeppp =P

gfiona said...


No I'm not caring. So I ain't sharing. MWAHAAAHAHAH! XDDDDDD

ruth tan said...

lol ...