02.11.07 Cheeky Carol turns 7

Entry 255

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Blessed B'thday lil sis
yeah this is my lil sis Carolyn Tan
she turns 7 today ..
i'm sad that i will not be able to spend time with her on her biggie day
oh well lil sis just wait awhile more ..
will see u in abit yeah!!
well this lil sis is like 12 years younger than me ..
we share a fair bit of similarity :-

  • both born in the year of the dragon (yeah the whole 12diff chinese years)
  • both born in the same month..November wohooooo
  • on the same day BUT just different date !!
  • both as cheeky as ever (that's if u know us both personally)
  • both as naughty as ever (yeah again if u know me personally)
  • we have similar character .. yeah giving out parents a fair bit of more work to do haha

i'm sad that i can't see this lil sis of mine go through primary school like how i saw my other two siblings goin through every year of their school years ..
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neway Blessed B'thday lil sis again !!

Be good !

take care & God bless


p/s-b'thday shoutout to Daniel Khong too =)