November 11th

Entry 258

It has been five years now ..
yeah i will remember this day for life ..
it just took :

One Problem

One Challenge

One Option

One Decision

One Outcome

some may remember what happened to me
some may not

But this past FIVE years has been a huge challenge for me
At merely 14 i went through a major operationg that cost me to loose sports for awhile
From a hyper active person i had to take a turn to being a vegetable
Still remember all i could do was sleep and have heaps of rest
In ICU the machine kept on beeping when i stop breathing
At that stage all i could do was fight the pain that was indescribable
Six days after the sugery, i sit up for the first time
There was intense pain in my head and it felt like bursting
It was Saturday, that was the day Chin Looi and Cynthia came all the way to visit me at the hospital and sitting up on the chair for nearly an hour in my new sticthed up body.
At a young age having to let go everything was really though.
Was at the peak of my high school years where i had every opportunity to represent school for all kinds of sports but i had to let it go and just get used to my new circumstances and sit for PMR the following year.

Shortly before the sugery, me as a not perfect human being was really having mixed feelings.
Not knowing to whom should i share my circumstances, words just couldn't seem to come out.
Putting up a smile everyday trying to comfort myself that everything will be alright.
But time just kept speeding up each day.
Honestly at 14 i was really scared, i am sure my parents were too for allowing me to undergo such dangerous sugery.
At that time, i was really asking God WHY ME of the few BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD? WHY HAS IT GOT TO BE ME?
Well obviously i didn't get the answer then and there.

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Now standing where i am today,
Along this 5 years,
I still can't believe that i managed to pull through the massive 9 hours sugery,
Bearing all the pain and the countless amount of painkillers injected into me,
I have come to a point that i have realised till certain extent WHY It WAS ME?
because shortly after my sugery, i got to know couple of friends facing the same thing
and through my experience i could encourage them and give them support !

i'm still learning. . .

Well i thank God for bringing me through this stage of my life and being there with me all these while providing me, blessing me, forgiving me being gracious to me, teaching me and loving me

AND i wouldn't be here today if i didn't get countless support from :
-First and formost My parents
-people who knew of my condition

Thanks heaps ..
Appreciate ur support & prayers

Just to let you know i'm doin fine here
back to sports
and currently in uni (",)


p/s- b'thday shoutout to ee von & angie


curryegg said...

Hello ruthz...
After reading this post, I feel touch and starting to admire you. What a brave person you're.

I believe... they:
-your parents

are the one who have been supporting you all the time. Glad to hear that you've them during your hardship.

Gambate in your uni life and God bless you.. amitabha..

ruth tan said...

well i'm not that brave ..
still can't take horror movie and all haha ...
i guess from every experience you go through it will teach you something from it
and there is surely a reason behind that ..

yeah i'm really blessed to have great parents, siblings, grandparents, relatives, cousins, friends and people that i know off..
learning to appreciate and love them more each day =)