31.12.07 NEW YEAR's EVE

Entry 265

Sorry for my dissappearance .. no broadband .. just dial-up.. better than nothing !!
well yeah sorry haven been able to update much.. yeah neway..

Year 2007 has been a full swing tornado that has just passed. Months were like air passing through my fingers. Just 11 months and 29 days ago it was 1st January 2007. Briefly of what have happened:

January 2007
I was still back home having my holidays and thinking after receiving offers like civil engineering, law and accounting. Yeah all are completely different.

February 2007
On blue morning I decided to open a can and it cut my right thumb and it hurt so much till the extend that blood were rushing out of my thumb. Yeah and got 9 stitches 12 hours later. Had Chinese New Year and left for Aussie on 23rd February 2007. Semester one came.

March 2007
Dad left sob sob…I reckon I was really really sad till I couldn’t express myself but just play stone. Celebrated lil Jeremy’s birthday and made new friends from uni and Gunydji resis.

April 2007
1st April 2007, did the worst April Fool joke and heaps of people believed.(don’t get it? Check the April Fool post) Cousin Chris, Grandma KL and Aunty came for visit. HIllsong Powerhouse. Bball with mandy.

May 2007
Erika made curry Laksa yum yum.. International Food Night @ Gunydji resis. Gerry’s Convo.

June 2007
Road Trip to Wollongong. Kang yun’s visit. Shrek 3. Finals. WINTER HOLIDAYS !! Nirma’s birthday party. 1st Sunday service @ hillsong with Judy!! head home

July 2007
Was back in KL if you didn’t noticed.. LOL !! back in Aussie at the end of the month

August 2007
Semeter 2 invades. Catch up on sleep. Amelia’s birthday. Connect Group. Powehouse. men beauty pagent. Met Jack. Noel’s birthday. Lunar Eclipse. Kc’s visit. Unity connect group @ Uni !

September 2007
Road trip to kangaroo valley. Catho club. Progressive Dinner. Finally met Esther Tan Yong Mei. Road Trip. Towradgi Beach.

October 2007
Bush walking@ Blue Mountain. Dinner with Nimra. Badminton @ Sydney Olympic Park. Granny Smith Festival @ Eastwood. HAri Raya Open House @ MacQuarie Uni. Bball with mandy. Gunydji 2007 end of year ball @ Matilda Cruises, Darling Harbour. Recovery.

November 2007
Randoms with housemates. Family here. Finals. Turns 19 (yeah some will be like FINALLY? Eyh? Or you sure?) off to Melbourne.

December 2007
Brissy next stop. Christmas Spectacular @ Hillsong. Palm Beach. CHRISTMAS !! Bro sprained my right thumb and broke my right thumb nail. Dad’s Birthday!

A BRAND NEW YEAR !! YAY !! aren’t you excited? I am…Bring it 2008 I have to strive on and nail it! MAKE RESOLUTIONS !!

In conclusion my right thumb hand has been very pitiful this entire year. Cut my thumb and
had 9 stitches. Bro accidently kick my right thumb’s joins and later on use the bball to break my nail..ouch..it’s great that my thumb is still in one piece…Great job lil thumb !!

-push the limits-

Take care n God bless

sorry not pic this post ..


The J said...

9 stitches?!?! How's ur thumb now then? hehe.. Well.. Happy New Year!.. =D


ruth tan said...

it's alright now ... i can write ade .. well had 2 start writing like end of feb coz uni started ..thanks for the concern neways