Mango Custody

Entry 266



Hows it goin ?
took the night flight on 31st Dec 07'.
And spent more than 12 hours in the aiport.
I reckon it's good fun to do such a thing during New Year's Eve..(trust me on this one .. it's NOT FUN!!)vneway i touched down KL at 5.15 am after 11 hours of flight.

If you didn't know since june 2007 MAS has changed the route for flights travelling from Sydney to KL at night. It now goes via brisabne(brissy). After an hour up the plane you get down pass through the custom again and get up on the plane. When we reached brissy it was 1 hour before midnight. After passing through the custom, the securities took my dad into some enclosed area to check him out(yeah rite) ! They were doing some random explosive test. How great was that, it was my dad's b'thday and he got check for bringin explosive stuff.. hahahha

Hours ago, there was a racket in the custom area in KLIA. It was really crap. Trust me on this one. At 6am in the morning I was in the custom holding this box of Kenington Mangoes which I could not let go. So after the custom to check my passport, my right thumb managed to pull it through with the thumbprint check thingy. Oh well my point is this, I didn’t know we couldn’t take mangoes anymore? It seems it was a law enforced in 2005 but it was funny that I have never seen that banner thingy. Today it is the first time I ever saw the little printout on not allowing mangoes into the country anymore. So I was pushing my trolley out, with my lappy and backpacks and other stuff but my mum was stopped coz the custom people stop her obviously. LOL. Yeah coz the trolley mum was pushing was with the boxes. I was at the exit door with my brother and wondering why they took so long to get out. So I went back in, and this custom guy in his religious cap was saying you can’t bring in mangoes. Obviously I am not a person who will just like yeah go ahead take it. He was like talk to my Boss, some dude wearing some yellow jacket. This so called boss was a real ‘kayu’. WHY ? coz we were like let us go coz we don’t know. And they were like no you can’t in a tone as though they were half awake. He wanted to dispose the mangoes coz according to the law now you can’t bring them in coz of bugs and insects. Dad was like if I can’t bring it in I will eat here. After a long pause he said can go to the office there to do it. So I was holding the box heading off to the office but dad was forget it in a stern tone and said dispose it!! I didn’t have the heart to dispose it coz it was massively expensive. Well it’s Kenington Mangoes, 10aud each. It’s massive RM30 for a mango you want me to dispose it. The funny thing is this so I was like where is your disposing box? Coz in Sydney they have proper bins to dispose those stuff. Other than that they also check every box. But in Malaysia they just check like two boxes out of the ten we had. So my mum asked him(the dude in the yellow jacket)

mum : " So where is the bin to dispose those good?"

the boss : "Oh we haven prepared it yet"

I was like how inefficient can this country become ? WORST? Oh well what a start of this New Year 2008. We had a good laugh neway haha...

that's all for now .. need to snooze