Entry 270

It was a sunny arvo today but somehow the weather decided to rain down.
Neway I was standing outside this 'Da Ma Cai' shop which sold 3D and etc ..
yeah that lottery shop!! Don't get me wrong, i was waiting for my dad to pay the parking fee.
Outside the shop there was this massive banner stating that today 8th Jan 2008
there will be a bonus lottery number picking. The shop was seriously swamp by heaps of people.I am not too sure how much is a number coupon but i reckon it is prolly around RM3 bucks and above. You must be wondering how on earth I know how much a number coupon is, well when I was younger, once when I was out with my grandpa he bought a number ‘TOTO’ over lunch and it cost prolly about RM3++. I was like it's expensive man, just to invest RM3 bucks in to a paper which will tell you 'You are not the lucky winner try again'. Like that is better for u to pay me RM3 bucks and I will write it down for you..hahaha.. Seriously, I don't get it how can you be that lucky to win that jackpot of few thousand ringgit. If you see the probability, prolly you are like 1/few million to be that lucky!! Money doesn't just drop down from the sky that easily, yeah you can argue that you might be that so 'LUCKY' winner but well it's near impossible. Oh well with the economy deteriorating, it’s better to save money for rainy days. It may look like it is sunny today but you never know when recession will come. With the oil prices going sky high together with everything else, somehow it’s not a very good sign.

Oh well I read something earlier form a book titled Seasonings and it hit me deeply.
Nah it’s not a recipe book. It’s a book regarding seasons in life.

"We must deal with the seeds of sin in our hearts. If neglected the seeds soon become wees. Let us deal with the seeds and we shall have no trouble with the weeds."Vance Havner (taken from the book Seasonings)

Ruth Tan