M A Y A !!

Entry 315

mei yee
Blessed B'thday Dearest great friend Chew Mei Yee !

have a blast and an awesome year ahead !
it has been great knowing you .
thanks for being a blessing !
take care n God bless (",)

on a lighter note something else of mine just turned 1 month old ....
yeah today on 22th Auguest 2008 !


Guess what's that?
nah not my phone
nah not my shoes
nah not my laptop... i wished !
hahaha alright im done crapping ..

recently i assumed that you have seen better quality of photos here and on facebook.
well it's all because of this little massive DSLR ..
yeah i finally got myself a Nikon D60 like 30 days ago = 1 month lol ..
it's pretty alright . not complaining after being broke now :P

neways that's all for now.

p/s- fiona doesn't this help?