Entry 338

Yesterday ..

Was my late grandpa's 4th anniversary

Dearest Grandpa,

i have truly miss your presence.
i miss those days where i come home from school knowing i will see you at my house when you are in town!
i miss talking to you!
i miss just chilling out with you.
i miss having meals with you.
i miss going to church with you.
i miss hearing your voice.
i miss just hearing your prayers whereby you pray for every single one of us every night!
i miss seeing your simple gestures of love, kindness, patience and etc...
i cheerish all your stories you ever told me.
i am grateful that you thought me to write my chinese name.
i am grateful that you thought me chinese too coz i was bad at it!
i miss seeing you each morning reading the Bible aloud.
i am grateful to God for giving me such a awesome and loving grandpa like you!
i am honoured to be your lil grandchild!
i am encourage to see you standing strong in GOD till the very end!
i am really glad that my dad take after you.

and there are heaps more other things!

you will remain a legacy in my life for you have made an impact deep inside me.



Was the last stop for PASSION WORLD TOUR here in SYDNEY!



i have to say it was AWESOME AND A BLAST !
i felt like i was falling in LOVE all over again with you
Chris Tomlin was singing his songs i used to sing back in yough church!
i asked that you fill me before and when i was there last night
and you DID !! thanks man!

the ashley and fruitcake chronicles really impacted me and make me think of my current situation. in a way you spoke deep down in my heart ! telling me what should be done!
things & people had and will not be easy but with your help i will make it through this thick and thin! Please guide me with this 5 seconds life i have here to not make my name big but yours!

help me keep focus and be on tangent!
i admit so often i go astray and thinking i can handle it on my own but the truth is i can't!

in the last two years since i left home

you have thought me more and more things!
you have given me opportunity to meet a whole LOT of people from all different walks of life!
you have given me choices to make decisions!
you have expose me to the things of the world!
you have given me a taste of who bitter and sweet life can be!
you have given me great friends and housemates!
you have given me great relatives here!
you have broke me.
you have mould me.
you have taught me.
you have discipline me.
you have hit me straight on my face!
you have brought me back eventhough i have been running.
you have blessed me.
you have protected me.
you have healed me.
you have provided me.
you have forgave me.
you have been gracious to me!
you have tested me heaps !!!
you have placed me on this journey i NEVER chose!
and allowing me to experience first hand experiences which i am learning from.


God my life is yours, use my strenghts, uniqueness, weaknesses to make your name famous

Today ..

Was the day i had a really good deep chat with daddy till the wee hours in the morning

It was past midnight and i was just chattering away with daddy till nearly 4am.
Man it was a heart to heart talk. deep stuff!

really hope to cya real soon!!

Bottom line:
ALL my DADDY's have touch me and impacted me just within less than 48 hours!
There are 3 Mens/SUPERHEROES in my life so far who has made a deep impact in my life!

My Late Grandpa!
My Earthly DAD!

well till then back to my hideout! 3 more weeks till finals!!

take care n God bless



Andrew said...

Praise the Lord!! I'm amazed with your deep thoughts all the way down from your heart!! I am so glad that Passion Conference touched your heart as it touches mine as well!! I'm sure that greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done in so many cities of the world!!

Well, it really struck both yours and my mind that we are in such a position as in now not by accident, but for a purpose which is to make His Name famous!! We are placed so strategically around hopeless and helpless people which I sometimes fail to see why..

But God has a divine appointment for them and I pray that God will use us wisely and effectively for the advancement of His Kingdom!! Well!! Praise the Lord sis!!

Cheers to Passion Team again!! haha... And I believe that Ashley's transformed life's experience will continue to touch others who have yet to know Him!!