Entry 339

Since Saturday it has been SUPER UBER HOT !!!
it got so hot till i got sunburnt.. :(

i'm not a big fan of getting tan. those who knows me always tries to get me tan lol!
well when i get sunburnt it really hurts !! :(
neways i have been wanting to eat wantan for awhile now.
it's like my favourite food. at home mum always cook it like once a week weeeee...
but now it's either you cook it for urself or you don't eat any!! haha..

so ruth tan wanted to eat wantan! lol!
yeah so i made some wantan today!!
da mixture

before gettin cooked !

in the midst of cooking :P

tadaaaaa .... WANTANs... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ....
now i can get back studying after having some of those nice crunchy wantans :P

haha i know random cravings comes off and on..
well you can't blame me i have been brought up in a country with heaps of good food!!

have a great week!



Andrew said...

haha.. amazing!! =D fry wantan!! my fav pick in a chee cheong fun stall.. LOL =) you also like to main basketball eh?? haa.

Just got back from church camp and guess what, LOL... Another awesome time with God and friends..!!

Next up will be a more personal getaway.. going fishing with my dad somewhere at the sea... haha =D can't wait..

btw, added you in fb though, i think if it's you..haha.. well, do add me in msn though, if you have one.. haha.

till then, take care and God bless!! you have a great week too...

owh btw, your new template... cute la.. like writing on a diary page only.. LOL =D

ruth tan said...

haha wantans are nice!! yeah i'm a baller too.. church camps are always awesome where you get filled by God and hanging out with Christian friends where you encourage one another !
nice goin fishing with daddy how sweet :P
thanks for the add..
yeah like the new template too