over it?

Entry 345


I'm so over it.
Being caring seems overrated to people.
So over the lil kids in my unit. Like grow up man!


I keep telling myself it is just couple of days more.
Just persevere on.
If you have persevere on the whole 2 solid years.
what is 2 weeks? haha..

Being optimistic


So instead of stayin in my room getting all worked up.
By crappy noises & stuff going on and slaming of door.
i did a camping mode at the Library and the Computer Labs.
It does make a different.


Like why bother focusing on the problem.
When you can do something about it.

For instance, you are having a final tomorrow.
and people in your house just rock up and play a movie blasting the volume.
Your neighbour roomie is talking out loud?
what would you do?
rock up to them and yell at them?

I have the right to be angry but isit worth it?
Getting angry at lil kids who still doesn't get it after being told a gazzilion time?
Why was my energy on crappy things when i can use it for better use.
Like why even bother talking anymore when simple respect doesn't exist.

It's like selective decision. Like selective hearing.
People will not change right away.
Coz everybody thinks they are the best & right.
Bottom line is you can't change other but you can change yourself.
Change your perspective regarding a certain person.
Well it's not easy but not impossible.
coz everyone is different.
If everyone is the same life would be different.


Over the years being me.
Just hanging out with people of different walks in life.
No groupie business rather just chilling with everyone.

Like this blow flower, everypart of it plays a part.
Same goes in life everyone who has passed through my life has certainly played a part somehow.

Does make life different and more interesting.
Interesting enough by hearing funny comments from all over.
I don't know whether it's just me
But whichever group I hang out with there is always
Remarks/comments/critics/appreciation about other groupie.
Which I find it funny. Like what bout me?
The hanging/floating around person with no groupie? haha..

Joke of the day:
Was over in my residence office today.
Got to know that there will be a Singaporean next year.
Trust me I was Happy!
Told the lady at the office to put her in my unit.
As i have been living with whites the last 2 years.
Therefore i have been westernised and need to be asian-ised back :P
Now get it why i need to be asian-ised back?
i miss being asian hahaha...

ok back to book another 8 days to go! 3 papers to go



Andrew said...

Hahaha... westernised pulak!! good thing you have a singaporean with you then... Hopefully a "good" one! LOL

Well, may the Joy of the Lord be your strength and keep you through!! =D

anyway, shall dedicated the bball rim photo to you la! LOL =D

ruth tan said...

haha the s'porean will come next yr.. see how tat will become. had a encounter w a s'porean last yr and it was smth :P

thanks for the dedication and encouragement dude !