Turns E I G H T !

Entry 340


Blessed 8th B'thday lil carolyn !
really wished i could be there !
hope u have a blast !
miss you heaps !
miss the time we always hang out together !
miss out random talks and our walks !
miss everyting!
looking forward to see you real soon!
love you !



Andrew said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! =D Carolyn.. LOL... well, just got back from fishing trip though.. am extremely exhausted and well, abit better i guess.. at least i'm not coughing that bad and flu are almost gone... just having some minor yet serious headache at night... =( well, hopefully there's nothing too serious about it though.. =D well, how'z everything therE?

ruth tan said...

thanks for the wish on behalf of my lil sis. where did u go fishing? lol now you sound like some aus dude. going fishing hahhaa
get well soon dude !

mon said...

love your sista's smile....din know she can be so photogenic

ruth tan said...

ruth : andrew
thanks for the wish on behalf of my lil sis. everything here is ok .. no biggie