A-Z Friend Tag

Entry 352

A for Abygayle Brani

1. Do you love this person?
Yeah as a good friend..
2. Is this person your enemy?
Nah.. she is like my big sista
3. Would you kiss this person?

B for Ben James Thomas

1. What do you really think of this person?
Cool Housemate !
2. What's his favourite color?
not sure
3. Ever danced with him?
Nope !!

C for Christine/Carolyn Tan

1. Do you have a crush on this person?
NO !!
2. Have you had a crush on this person?
No, she is my lil sis !!
3. How old is she?
16/8 ..

D for Deanna Ezrol-Kennedy

1. How long have you know her?
couple of months
2. Biggest regret?
3. Do you hate this person?
Not at all..she made my B'thday a special one along with her sista Tanya Ezrol!!

E for Ee Wy Lyn

1. Have you met her parents?
2. Worst thing about this person?
nothing !!
3. Best thing about this person?
Being a good friend of mine :)

F for Farah Hanna

1. Have you ever date this person?
Never thought of it but will not
2.When is the last time you saw her?
2007 school carnival day!!
3.Do you go to school with him?
Yeah since primary school!

G for Gan Fiona

1. Is she a good listener?
yeah indeed..always listen to me rabble...
2. Have you ever lied to make this person feel better?
don't think so
3. Is this person good looking?
Yeah there are heaps of dudes after her haha..

H for Hiroki Itawa

1. What grade is he in?
Last year at Uni
2. Is he your friend?
yeah ! he is my oniisan !!
3.Ever done something illegal with this person?
Hmm J-walking? hahaha

I for Ivy Ang

1. What is this person's favourite food?
I reckon m'sian food haha
2. How did you know her?
She is my cousin
3. Do you trust her?
Yeah i do. she is like my big sista

J for Jac Kee

1. Does she have any siblings?
Yeah an older sister
2. Do you know her favourtite song?
erm nope...
3. What would you do if he confess he/she liked you?
....say no .. hahaa

K for Kian Chee

1. When did you two first meet?
At Taylor's College he was in my class
2. How did you meet?
We hang out in class/break
3. Ever danced with this person?

L for Larissa Nicole Strong

1. What would you do if you had a crush on this person?
Nah it will not happen !
2. Do you like her as a friend?
Yeah she is my best housemate eventhough she always annoys me on purpose hahaha
3. Would you go to Disneyland with this person?
Yeah i will !

M for Mei Yee

1. Is this person older than you?
YES !! by 3 months and a day i think
2.Is this person single?
erm i think so..
3. How many times do you talk to her in a week?
Depending on how busy we both are or how often we both are on skype/msn

N for Nicholas Rusell Macbardy

1. Is this person your boy/girlfriend?
Nah he is just a friend
2. Have you seen this person cry?
3. Do you know this person's middle name?
Rusell !

O for Omar

1. Are you related?
Yeah he is my big bro of another parent haha
2. Could you live with this person?
I could try ...
3. What school does he go to?

P for Pearl Chew

1. Have you ever gone to mall with this person?
Yeah..we took crazy pics hahaha
2. How about a sleepover with him?
nope.. she stay at some udang road..haha
3.Does this person have a job?
Uni student

Q for Qai Ern (Joachim)

1. Does he have crush on you?
No. We hardly talk!
2. Would you hug this person?
3. Is this person your friend?

R for Rachel Chan

1. Have you ever heard this person sing?
Yeah in church during P&W
2. Do you think this person will repost this?
She report? to who? hahahhaa
3. When does this person look best?
IN PINK , it was classic !!

S for Sarah Gayle Lee

1. Is this person taller than you?
She wished she is
2. Do you enjoy spending time with her?
Absolutely! we do random stuff !!
3. Do she live close to you?
well yeah back in KL..
we went to the same high skewl & bball on most days !!
but not in aus she is in another state altogether !!

T for Tan Ai Vee
1. Would you do anything for her?
If she need it
2. Have you been to her house?
yeah to the one on uni residence hahaha..but not the on in KL
3. Where does she live?
in KL !

(no pic!)
U for Ulesis

V for Vera Wong
1. Does she have crush on you?
No way she has a bf!
2. Would you hug this person?
3. Is this person your friend?
Yeah since primary school!!

W for William Le

1. Is this person noisy or quiet?
NOISY and wacky !!
2. Describe this person.
He is funny and fasionable :P
3. What colour eyes does this person have?
dark colour haha

(2nd fr the right bottom)

X for Xin Yin

1. Why are you friends with her?
coz we met during Intrasem break 2007
2. Have you ever gone anywhere with her?
Yeah the Botanical Gardens next to Opera House!
3. What is one thing you will change about her?

Y for Yoke Han

1. Does this person wear make-up?
2. Does this person play instruments?
Don't think so
3. What is her favourite sport?
Eating ? hahaha

(far left)

Z for Zhao Xiang

1. Does this person have MSN?
Yes !!
2. Have you gone out with her?
Yeah !
3. When will you see this person next?
During another family gathering ... or if i get myself to UK!

p/s- there are more people i would love to include in this tag ! especially people
whose names starts with C,G,K,M,P,R,S,T and etc !!