Graffiti with Paint & Brush !

Entry 351

Couple of hours ago i finally did Graffiti and it's a LEGAL ONE !!!
well Noelle invited me to go along with her to do some Graffiti
and we did it at the Graffiti Tunnel @ USyd


Welcom to the mini world of Graffiti

This is my sketch design to be drawn on the wall

Then i pick a spot

Did the outline

In the midst of doing graffiti with paint + brush

Final result

man it feels like forever since i have ever painted..
i'm really missing my childhood days where i had art classes
did a painting each week...
and i miss drawing too .. must get back to it asap ..
next challenge .. do graffiti with spray paint !! weeeeeeee


p/s-thanks noelle!!


Randy said...

Wow ruth..

Your really showed how artistic you are.. Nice job!

Too bad you can't bring it back to Malaysia! :)

ruth tan said...

thanks man .. yeah it's temporary art.. but it was good fun !

Andrew said...

walaoweh!!!! that's a nice piece of artwork... hehe =D

jz got back from singapore ni!! =D got u your souvenir! =D as mentioned in plurk.. LOL

ruth tan said...

how was singland? thanks in advance for the souvenir .. will claim it later ok?

mon said...

hey i love it man!!!!wonderful job

ruth tan said...

thanks mons i love it to