Thank God !

Entry 361

PearL says (01:00):

i got into an accident..
it was quite bad though..
i was cutting a huge lorry..
then when i've finally cut it..
i was at the corner..
then i think i swirf too much to my left..

PearL says (01:01):

i lost control with the car..
i spinned 360 degree..
then i hit the barrier..
what i saw was..
the whole bumper flew off..
the lights were all gone..
the radiator was smashed..
the bonet was folded into half..
and one part of the engine flew out..

PearL says (01:02):

then after i hit the barrier..
the lorry drove passed me..
so i was spinning right in front of the lorry..
but i'm fine..
dont panic..

PearL says (01:03):

after the kota damansara toll entering nkve..

well neways she is still in one piece without a scratch !
Thank God for that !
Thank God for taking care of my friend !


Andrew said...

Praise the Lord for that =) God working in His way!! =D

ruth tan said...

Amen to that !